Monday, September 29, 2014

Vardon House Tour

Well folks, my house is all packed up.  The kids are away too! Nonna came all the way down and endured the most daring journey any person has ever taken: the vehicular transportation of all four of my girls back to NV, BY HERSELF. A nine hour gig. One that involved Emerson throwing up everywhere only 2 hours in. Or so it was reported.

Nonna has officially been inducted into The Bravest Fiercest Mostest Insanest Female Adventurist Heroic Martyr's Society. Member count: 2. (Nonna and yours truly)

So now I'm here, in my empty big shell of a home. It's always a little emotional, as you disassemble your existence. After the 19th trip to storage with Tyler, I remarked how much I prefer Unpacking to Packing. One involves taking your life all down and apart, and the other involves the building of the new one. I prefer the latter. 

We will be homeless for a few weeks while we close on our new house and get some work done. I kinda like this bizarre, limbo state we're in. As we drove away from our storage unit it felt good to leave all of our possessions behind for a time. It's just me, my family, a car, and few suitcases. It's liberating. We enrolled the girls in an online school program in the interim, so we are free to spend the next month traveling to see family and enjoy a few small adventures around the area.

So, while I have a little time, I am ready to post a house tour for history's sake. We've only been in this house for a little over a year, so I didn't do nearly everything I had envisioned. We didn't plan on jumping ship so early. But when that little dream house gem comes along, the one you've sorta envisioned in all of your anne of green gables/little house on the prairies/victorian english jane austen era obsessions, ya gotz to do what ya gotz to do

This was a good house and we had plenty of fun adding our touches to it. I was able to comb through our photo files and find a few decent "before" pics. Although, I'm kicking myself that I didn't do more. Remember people: always take Before photos of EVERY room before you move in. It's so fun to track your progress as time goes on. 

Ok. I'm done now.

Without further ado, let's start with the downstairs:

Entry Way

There was old tile flooring when we moved in. And the walls were a light blue. Kick me, I didn't take befores. But at least I snapped a few before I decorated.






Playroom Closet


Living Room


Formal Dining Room


The Piano Room. 
{because my feelings regarding Formal Dining Rooms are very similar to my feelings regarding tonsils: hardly necessary anymore, best removed.}

Family Room/Kitchen Combo 


{terrible pictures - but you get the idea. Plus it is the only one that shows the original flooring in the house. Now add the scent of many cats and you'll have a more accurate description}

Did I mention that Tyler did every ounce of the new flooring himself?

All. by. himself.  Every day after work for a week. What a guy.

Dontcha just love the dirty tile!?

 Family Room/Kitchen Combo

That's a wrap for today. Thanks for stopping by! Coming next: upstairs! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Meal Planning Monday: Upside down.

Hey HAY.

Welcome to the zoo!


It's been too hot to play outside, so the girls have no choice but to entertain themselves indoors while I am busy packing boxes and disassembling our existence. We are in full fledged move MOVE MOVE mode! 

This house will be officially sold in a week. I'll post a house tour soon, with all of our before/after work. We didn't do a TON of work in this house, but we spruced it up a bit and I'm pleased. I enjoyed our (rather short) time living here. She was a good home, this one.  I always meant to post a full house tour for memory's sake, but never got around to it. Luckily, working with my realtor finally forced me to methodically clean each room, take a photo, and fantasize over how it actually could have looked like that on a regular basis, that is if none of us ever actually lived inside. Sighhhh.

Speaking of unrealistically clean, how much do we HATE selling houses? SOOOO MUCH. Next time, I'll invest in a good, portable Xanax drip to stave off the nervous breakdowns. Trying to keep the house spotless at all times for potential buyers is nothing but insanely, impossibly, torturous cruelty for a mother. BBBBleh! My realtor got all uncomfortable and squirmy as I was trying to explain how the peanut butter smears on the wall really give the house character. Dontcha think? It's like a shabby chic sandwich in here? no?


You have a great week, friends.

Meal planning is minimal, and involves a slow cooker more than once. These are on our list for the week:

Dinner Entrees:

And some snack ideas for the hooligans:

*Fresh peach milkshakes
no recipe needed. Just blend milk, vanilla ice cream, and peaches.
 (go heavy on the fresh peaches - its that time of year!)
Or go extra healthy/vegan with a twist: substitute coconut milk/coconut ice cream.

(my girls won't eat plain bananas, but will devour them if I doctor em up. ya gotta start somewhere folks. no shame, no shame at all.)