Sunday, April 8, 2007


LILY HAS ATTENDED HER FIRST EVER WEE READ STORYTIME!! (Story time for children 2 and under. So cute) It marks her grand entrance into the world of imagination, literature, and pure fun! Hoooray!
Slight problem: She was unbelievably, incredibly...ooohhh, what's the word? Rambunctious? Entertaining? Sassy? Naahhh....I think the word I'm trying desperately to avoid here is naughty.

I am that parent with that child (in the large group of other 20 other mothers and children), a child who could be dubbed out of control! Instead of staying close to me in a group of strangers, she roamed in and out of the circle...talking, kissing, petting, and taking toys and sippy cups from other children. (We're working on the whole sibling thing. That'll teach her the day she tries to steal their cup and has finally met her match as she gets a big shove/kick/hit or whatever will send them both to time out). She also was the only child brave enough to run to the center of the giant circle and begin yelling at the top of her lungs while the sweet librarian tried to read through a 2 page picture book. I laughingly and embarrassingly apologized to the crowd about 15.5 times during the 20 minute session. She did entertain them, though. She would run to the center of the circle, smiling at them while motioning them to please clap for her. ( which they did...thank you crowd).
You must understand, and so must the rest of the universe: Lily is very accustomed to applause. In her usual fan club (our large adoring family), Lily is applauded for anything... say, each time she breathes in and each time she breathes out.
I even got a few comments like, "My word! How old is she?" from surprised parents as she would blow kisses to individuals, and do all the motions while singing along to the song the librarian was leading. I would respond simply, "She is...a genius. Oh! I mean, sorry, 15 months old."


Shinae said...

Rae...this is the cutest pic of Lily!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a few days!!

MA said...

Are we surprised that Lily is the center of attention??? Wasn't it her mother whom the Kindergarten teacher informed me at my first teacher conference that "Rachel thinks she should be the teacher!"...
Can hardly wait till Lily gets to read Laura Ingalls Wilder...
Love always - MA