Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Okay, I lied. I'm revisiting the blogging world earlier than anticipated. But I just couldn't help sharing and bragging about this last weekend....Tyler's Graduation!!!!!

Despite what you all may assume, he did not graduate the Paul Mitchell school of incredibly handsome male hotties looking dashing in black. You're looking at a bona fide Civil Engineer. Woo hoo!! Even sexier. If you look reaaaally reaaallly close you can see the tossed panties of all the other civil engineer groupies I had to fend off.

Not only good looks but brains too! I am even more gushingly proud to announce that his G.P.A. was 3.6 this semester...not bad for taking eighteen credits while never working LESS than 30 hours a week and arriving home to cheerfully rub his pregnant wife's feet. How did I get so lucky? I'll let you in on a little secret: (see below)
It's the calves. It's all about the calves. No man can resist blindingly white calves streaked with a hint of cellulite. (And no, I'm not the cute one sitting next to the fat calf girl with the pudgy pregnant arms)

Afterwards Nonna (Tyler's Mom) hosted an awesome graduation party. Above you see the entertainment arrive. Auntie Sarah kept her until after the ceremony.

The gorgeous little karaoke starlet entertained the crowd with a soulful rendition of " BBAAAAAAAA AAAAAA BA BAAAAAAAAAA." We were so lucky to have booked her early. She doesn't normally make such appearances for the average middle class graduation party.

A starlet who displayed her mother's Hollywood-esque sense of poise and control when sampling the cake. "HHHmmmm, this looks nice. Too many calories. I'll just poke it."

"Okay, maybe one bite."

"There. Deliciously satisfying. Wait, is anyone looking?!! Quick! Flash a charming smile and nobody will notice....."


"Or this.........mmmmm.""MMMMMMMMMM."

"Cake? Oh no thank you, I already had one bite and I'm great."

Good girl Lily. You'll soon have enough calf cellulite to attract any Civil Engineering Stallion you desire.

I love you Tyler!!! I love you Lily! I am too lucky!


Ty said...

No, I love you babe.

Daniel said...

No, I love you both! But Lily mostly. The girl is way too cute (and so are you Tyler). I'm trying to trick Ali so we can get a head start on one ourselves...wink, wink.

Congrats Tyler! You really are stallion. And congrats Rachel for snagging him. And Lily for being so cute.