Friday, May 18, 2007


I have not written for a while, nor do I intend to for the next couple weeks.

Please, wipe your tears, my friends, as I shall return.

Right now, I am wallowing too deep in the depths of pregnancy despair to focus on much else. Good news though!: After a trip to the emergency room Tuesday night due to incessant vomiting and nausea that caused dehydration....I have medication!!! Drugs! Glorious, Dr. Approved Drugs!!!! You know it is serious when you look forward to a trip to the ER with the same anticipation as Disneyland.
I was diagnosed with Hypermesis Gravidadum, or whatever, which roughly translates to "Vehicle transport to the outer edge of sanity and physical exhaustion resulting in a serious lack of desire to ever have children, or sex, again." I'm beginning to look at my husband the same way I would look at a delicious meal laden with Anthrax.

Just kidding, I am not defeated...yet. I am happily in a state of recovery.

Hopefully, just a few more weeks and my mental sanity will return and I will be able to talk about something other than poor poor, whiney me.

I did however appear as a guest columnist for my Dad's weekly column on Mother's Day in our newspaper, my first real writing job....thanks Dad!!! I bet you can't guess what the topic is, I'm extremely unpredictable. I had approximately one hour to write it, as my mother didn't ask me until shortly before the deadline. Please forgive my amateur writing skills. You can check it out at

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Amy said...

That column was great Rae...Have they asked you to be a regular yet???