Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lily Lily Lu, How I Luv U

I ate ELEVEN Jack in the Box 2 for $.99 tacos in one day. I haven't washed my hair in two days. I believe this is the fifth day IN A ROW that I have plunked myself out of bed nauseously and threw on the nearest sweats.

Ahhhhh, pregnancy.

I vomit, my face breaks out, I am incredibly irrational, grumpy, emotional, irritable, hideous, bloated, and uncomfortable ( I didn't even use the synonym option for those words). I think all day of something I can possibly stomach eating and come up with one thing that will work for the day. Hence the reason I had eleven Jack in the Box tacos throughout the day, for a total of 3 TIMES THROUGH THE SAME DRIVE-THRU. Before any thing enters my mouth I have no choice but to contemplate its return through the same mode of entry later on.

Why is it that I seem to be a perpetual magnet for the stories of women who simply "looved being pregnant"? "Oh really," I think, "Isn't that just peaches and cream, I'm so haaaapppy for you. I'm thrilled that the 87 mile long list of complaints I just mumbled falls on empathetic and utterly ignorant ears. We should really chat again about our pregnancies sometime. "

Just kidding. Bitter at times, but totally kidding.

I tell myself that I need to be grateful for this. And while at times I have difficulties in listening to my own self lectures, I do realize that I have a wonderful baby on the way, I have the ability to get pregnant. I know women that would give their right arm to throw up and cry for 9 months straight to experience the miracle. Hence, the guilt. Guilt over feeling pity for myself during this time.

This is not a pity post though, you may be surprised.
Enough of me!!!
I have found it is so much easier if you focus on the result instead of the process (although the very very beginning of the process....was pretty fun...wink! wink! Luv ya Tyler Stallion...uh, I mean Tyler dear).

Below is the proof of my husband & I's pudding making skills.

Just look at that face. Those little lips. Those scheming little eyes...

As Mommy says, "Lily, No No touch the candles." So obedient.

Just look at that naked little sense of self. (Note: our grass is not normally like this)

Have you ever seen such a cute nudie solo marching band running through the pool? I didn't think so.

Take note of the wild sense of adventure and confidence...trecking to the wild wilderness of the very back yard.

Ahhhh! Those cheeks! Love...bite...squeeze.... those cheeks!
Best of all, she loves and comforts her Mama and even fake "puky's" right on beside me.
Lily Lu, I don't deserve you. Even at my sickest, saddest, most irritable moments, you are a gift beyond a pregnant whiner's wildest expectations. Thank you for helping Mommy constantly remember how lucky she is.


Tyler said...

You are the best Wife and mother I could ever ask for. I am so in love with you and so greatful for everything that you do for Lily and I. You really do deserve Lily and she deserves you, she is so lucky to have you and so am I. I hope you are able to find that one piece/type of food each and everyday until this horrible cycle ends. You will get better and you deserve to get better. I have never been so happy in my life than with you and I thank you for that. Thank you for being everything to me. Thank you for always making me smile. Thank you for being the best mother that me or Lily could ever dream of. Thank you for working so hard each and everyday. Thank you for going through the tough, tough, toughhhhh times so our family can grow and grow. Thank you for always making me laugh. Thank you for making our house a home. Thank you for understanding my late hours at the library. Thank you for loving and caring for me. Thank you for being RACHEL ELIZABETH HAACK!!!!
Thank you from,
Tyler and Lily

aunt nellie said...

OH my gosh, kiddie nudie pictures over the internet!

What is this world coming too?

PS. Lily is absolutely adorable!
Love the nudy butt!

Mallory said...

Rae dont worry I think that you should just invite lacy over and send lily to our house and you and lacy watch anne of greeen gables( Anne with an E)and eat patatoe and cheese soup!!!!!!!!! and dont move!!!! because you will fell even more sick!!!! and just remember if they are gonna be as adorable as lily(which th baby will be) then it is worth it!!!!!
love ya and Tyler and lilylu
Mallory aka auntie mal

Daniel said...

I'm with Nellie on this one... shameful. Deliberately exploiting the cuteness of your darling daughter in order to drive internet traffic to YOUR site! Shameful indeed.

But damn cute. And in the first photo, quite a Rachel look-a-like. Oh , Rae Rae dear, I remember the days when I used to change your diapers...der...I mean Zach remembers. And Ester.

Whenever I think of Ester I think of the scene in Ben-Hur when the lepers sneak through the dark courtyard and make Ben stay away..."We are lepers"....

Fun times! Leperosy. Yeah.

Are we seeing how my little mind works? Are we afraid? Yes.

Fortunately, Rachel has taken the liberty of taking away our liberty by denying our FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Blog approval?! Pardon?! Pretty soon she'll be taking away our guns!

Ok--my miserable attempt at humor is over. I'm going back to the drab world in which I live. And by that, I mean awesome world.

Congrats again Rae, and Tyler, and I'm sure Lily is going to be jealous, but congrats to her anyways.

Shinae said...

Rae...tacos for breakfast is NOT okay!! For the love…at least limit the fast food visits to more appropriate meal times! Jack in the box is really only made for midnight trips when NOTHING else is open….everyone knows that. Totally kidding. You can eat whatever you want. Your metabolism is the complete opposite of what it should be anyways. The more kids you have and the more you eat…the skinnier you get! Makes no sense. LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!

Megan Wallace said...

Hi Rachel this is Megan Wallace. Mallory told me about your website and it's totally cute! I love the pictures of Lily running around in the sprinklers naked! Good luck with your new baby!!!!!

Mom said...

I will not compete with my daughter through pregnacy experiences! You Win! You are such a trooper - Rae pooper! My heart aches for the suffering you go through - but you deliver awesome results. Thank you for sacrificing so much to give us all such joy!
Love your mama and Lily's Gam

Emily said...

Rae...you ARE a trooper! But like your mom said, the results are sure worth it. And I say if tacos hit the spot...eat 'em morning noon and night! Hearts from Texas.