Thursday, June 7, 2007


Tyler said to me the other day,

Ty: "Rae, why don't we start working on the closests this weekend?" (We are California closeting the house- ourselves-we can't afford the California part)

Me: "Naaah, I prefer to wait until my nesting phase to do that."


Ty: "Rae, why don't we get the office set up as a playroom this weekend?"

Me: "Naah, I prefer to wait until my nesting phase to do that."

Even more later, after viewing the Mount Everest pile of clean laundry covering our bedroom floor.....

Ty: "Rae, lets fold the laundry together tonight, I'll even watch Anne of Green Gables with you."

Me: "Naaah, I'm waiting till my nesting phase to do that."

Ty: "Rae, we can't wait until October to do the laundry."

Me: "Why do you have to be so insensitive?"


Anonymous said...

So Rae, I'm home sick today and I wanted to say thank you for the great entertainment. I love your blogs and I've just been laying bed looking at quality wesites such as and and I have to say Rae's Corner is definitely the best. :) I hope you can come up to Seattle sometime and visit the girls of 503 W. McGraw. xoxo Laina

Emily said...

HA! I wish I could have that nesting phase more often...I was in super productive hyper cleaning mode all the time and me and my house never felt better. hope you're well. thanks for the lengthy comment on my blog...and please, don't wait 2 weeks to comment again...I love these little drops of Rae wisdom and spunk.

Sara Lyn said...

Rae, I ran into you on Emily's blog and really enjoyed your comments. Now, I think I'll continue to enjoy your comments on your own blog. I just love what you have to say!

Rae's Corner said...

Laina- I really hope I'll be there to visit you girls soon...we're thinking July/August-ish. I miss you and was totally bummed when you didn't come with Nae!
Thanks for visiting!

Emily- I will forever be loyal to your blog. I love it. It's silly really, my entire family knows all about Mr. Henry and his darling comments, "Wow Mom, you're a bbiiiig boy!" and "My belly button hurts."
He melts my heart!

Sarah- I like you. :)
I am completely flattered that you enjoyed my comments and blog. Thank you so much. Tell your hubby he belongs on our side. ;)

Rae's Corner said...

Oh my goodness Sara, I think I may have commented to the wrong Sara. Is this Sara, Mr. Jesse Hyde's Sarah? Or am I mistaken?

If I am please accept my HUGE does not however diminish the fact that I do like YOU and I am supremely flattered that you enjoy my comments!!! xoxoxoxoxo! So sorry! Do you have a blog? I couldn't access it by clicking on your name?

Jill said...

Rae-your Ty rocks! I don't have a Ty but I have a really cool Brian. But even really cool Brian wouldn't be willing to do laundry with me-but he would watch Anne of Green Gables! I love your comments on EmilyAnn's site. I just had to come visit your own!

Rae's Corner said...

Jill- thank you for stopping by! There is nothing in the world better than a good husband, don't ya think? Congrats on finding one.