Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So Romantic...

My Dad posed a question on his radio show....

What is the most romantic thing anyone has done for you on Valentine's Day?

Oh boy, did I want to call and chime in. However, in respect of not wanting it to be TheIraHansenShow/RachelHaackspeaks...I decided to blog about my romantic man:

He once wrote me a poem. In fact, it was a semi-dreadful poem...but quite possibly my favorite memory of our high school years together.

He has bought me flowers.

He has bought me candy.

He gives me back rubs. Sometimes with strings attached (wink wink) Sometimes not:)

He lets me take a bath and read my Oprah magazine and takes care of our girls- WHILE CLEANING THE KITCHEN NO LESS.

Whenever I am changing in our room, he lights up and says "Heeeeeyyyy there sexy!", even though my stomach currently resembles a dead jellyfish floating among a midst of purple seaweed. And I think, or at least he makes me think, he really means it.

However, the most romantic thing I think he has ever done for me...he actually does DAILY. Yes, man is a DAILY romantic sultan:

He goes to work, and school. He wakes up at 5:30am every morning, even when he has had a sore throat (this morning), and heads out into the cold, working world. And why? For me. And Lily. And London. He loves that I get to be home for our girls. He even praises me and says my job is harder. No complaints, no whining, nothing even remotely close to what he might hear daily from his adoring and annoying wife.
I am a lucky girl. I've only had such romantic men in my life. And now my girls, through there father, will share the same. We both have "romantic" fathers. And these romantic men will see to it that Lily and London have "romantic" husbands someday too.
Really..what more can a girl want than a man who is present, a man who loves you, a man who is kind to you, a man who works for you?
It doesn't get any more romantic than that.

Happy Valentines Day! What is the sweetest thing someone has done for you?


Joan Koplin said...

Brandon stayed in Provo during Christmas the year before we got married and worked as a BYU janitor at five am every day and then skipped over to the gym at his second job all to save money for my ring. He was alone in Provo for two weeks while all his roommates and friends enjoyed family time and homemade meals from their moms. What a darling!
Your Tyler is pretty fabulous too :)

Joan Koplin said...

Time for a new post, Rae :)