Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lily Language

Lily says, "Appy Eat-er!" (Happy Easter!)

The "Eat-er Bunneeee" came, we went to "chuch" , we brought our baby "Lundeen", we said our "pais- Amen!" (prayers- Amen!)

We thought about "jeese" (Jesus). And we're thankful for Him. "Tant youu" (thank you!)

It was a great "Eat-er". Best one yet. Hope you had a great "Eat-er" too.


Rae, Ty, and our two "bunnies"


Joan Koplin said...

Okay, Glamour Mom! WHOA! You look hot, Rae. Seriously, motherhood has done you well.
AND...those babies are delicious! I want to eat them up! There is nothing like little girls in their Easter dresses. I just LOVE it!

jenniferoharra said...

You guys look so cute! I love the matching Easter dresses!!

MOM said...

Easter is my favorite holiday...It is a reminder that families are forever - and I'm so glad that you all are part of that!
From the luckiest Mom & Grandma ever!

jacob said...

RAE you guys seriously are the perfect little family

Valarie said...

Well written article.