Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home- The Tour

I would be missing a HUGE, MEGA HUGE, UNBELIEVABLE HUGE, HUGEY HUGE part of our family history if I failed to mention the move into our beautiful house this January. I have hesitated to post any pictures for a few reasons:

1. Our house is rarely picked up and tidy to the point of feeling comfortable photographing...don't get me wrong, we're not drowning in un-vacuumed crumbs or mildew by any means...I'm just a perfectionist and prefer not a dish to be in the sink if I'm going to take a picture of my kitchen. Capish?

2. I am not finished, or even remotely CLOSE to finishing decorating. However, since our budget will not permit full aesthetic completion of our home until around 2017, I figured now is as good a time as ever to unveil the minor progress that has ensued.

3. Our house is wonderful. Obnoxiously wonderful. So wonderful in fact I admit at once to being a complete fraud to dwell within its walls. It's what you might call a "Grown up" house. The kind you imagine your parents in, or yourselves in 10 years from now...the kind an established adult might choose to purchase. Not some nit-wit 20-something-year-old with babies. The most obnoxious part of all is that we only pay approx. $10 more per month for it than our old 1300 square foot home, which we adored (And yes, it is a fixed interest rate totally viable loan, and we aren't swimming in unnecessary debt). Indeed, I concur...I know! I deserve to be hated! There was no stripping late at night at anonymous bars, prostitution, or drug dealing involved with its acquisition. How did we get such a home?
We've got people. Kind of like how a celebrity is only as beautiful and good as her stylist, pedicurist, facialist, hair colorist, yada yada yada.
When you have an amazing real estate savvy mother-in-law AND mother, an extremely kind and available family friend broker (Thanks, Bob), and financial advisors we were able to borrow advice from (Courtesy of Hansen and Sons plumbing tab) can make anything happen. And they did...for us. We, my friends, had NOTHING to do with it.

Go ahead, hate on. I understand.

I am, however, taking FULL credit for the fabulous and penny pinching ways we have managed to slightly decorate this gorgeous, five bedroom shell. And I wanted to showcase it (the pictures are a little dark...darn it!):

Big open space entry/living room. As you can see, not much has been done. Once again, grand piano courtesy of Dad for a surprise "Christmas bonus" at work two years ago. The highlight of the room!
The dining room table and buffet we originally financed at no interest for five years. Lol. That's how long it would have taken us to actually afford it. Instead, we paid approx. $20.00 per month and wa laaa: it's ours!

Lovely dream dream dream kitchen! Granite, tile, you name it... complete with a butler's pantry.
Note: Please control the urge to create your Rachel Voo-doo doll and start stabbing it until the full tour is complete.

Throw pillows inspired by Pottery Barn...homemade to the tune of about $40.00 total!!! Ikea pictures and frames (leaves framed by me, using some old silk flower leaves...creative if I do say so myself!). It's my "Go Green" living room theme (Minus the fact that nothing is organic in the slightest and anything I purchase has mostly been made in China...therefore contributing to the further deterioration of our globe as China acts as one of the leading polluters of the modern world...but whose paying attention reaallly?).

Breakfast nook table courtesy of Craigslist!! Four hundred dollars for the table and chairs (totally, solid, sturdy craftmanship discovered upon inspection to boot!) The plates on the wall are TJ Maxx smokin' $2.99-$7.00 deals. I also recovered the chairs' upholstery to tie into my Go Green themes. Call me Martha.

Lily and London's playroom (toys courtesy of adoring grandparents on both sides)
Lily and London's bedroom. Would you guess that both rooms' window treatments were made out of Tyler and I's old shower curtain material! Wooo hooo! They were!
(Even though we have a five bedroom house, I have this thing where I'd like my kids to always share rooms anyways...London is still mainly in the master bedroom with us in the bassinet. Who am I kidding? is Lily...they are both in our bed 85% of the time).

Speaking of the master bedroom....

And last but definitely not least, my three FAVORITE necessities for any house to be a home, whether it's a shack or a would never be complete, or remotely happy, without them:

Thanks for stopping in! Come again!


Joan Koplin said...

I am glad to say I am not jealous of you. That does NOT mean I don't think your house is STUNNNNNNINNNNG! But there is NO questioning the fact that you are SPOILED ROTTEN and always have been. haha. Can I say that? You know I mean that in the best way...b/c you know I adore you, truly I do.
Your house is gorgeous. Wait? Did I already say that? Oh, and you deserve it. You do. You are a good woman, with two blessed little girls, and one tall, handsome, hard working husband.
I laughed OUT LOUD when you included the voodoo doll comment. Hilarious.
Hmmm, any other random thoughts...oh, yes: I agree ENTIRELY about kids sharing rooms. I realize that while I say that my boys are asleep in their own beds in their own rooms. I will move them in together when Max is a bit older. I hope to one day have one room for the boys, one room for the girls, one room for the baby (who will rotate into the boy or girl rooms when the next baby arrives), one room for "mom and dad" and ideally a guest/office room.
So, pretty much I need a five bedroom house like you. Maybe one day I will :) Until then, enjoy it for the both of us, okay?
Love you...


I LOVE your house Rae! I would like to hire you to decorate our shack up here! And London is SO big!

Jacob Hansen said...

Rachel your house is so nice. Still i think the nicest thing in your house is Lily London and Tyler.........oh ok and you. miss yo rae.

Daniel said...

Hey Rae,

Why don't you put up a few pictures of the house? Or at least put up one picture for each and every throw pillow and rug and corner in the house?

I don't care about pillows! I want to see London and Lily!!!!

But the house is looking great--as is your hair.

Love you,
Dan (owner of a measly 3-bedroom house... sigh)

Lacy and Beth said...

Oh Rae I am so happy for you. Your house is absolutely beautiful. I cannot believe that it is the same model that I saw. I love your blogs. I did not get to read them all yet but so cute. Yes I am going to be an aunt!!!! I am soooo excited. I have gotten the CUTEST baby clothes in Mexico and Guatemala. I am so happy for you. Kiss the babies and hug Ty. I do have a lot of pics online but they are on facebook. If you email me I will email you the link to our pictures. My email is I miss you so much. Send me your emial and I will email you back in a little more depth what is going on. Love you Lacy