Saturday, April 5, 2008



My name is LIlY TyLeR.
I also frequently respond to "Beautiful Dolly girl", "Lily Lu Hoo", "Princess Lily", and "If you do that one more time you'll go to the naughty chair."
But today, you can call mS WiGGLeY LiLy. Because I just had the WIggLEY-Est DAy of my life. Mommy has been keeping this blog for sometime, but I just had to tell you about this one myself.
My Nonna, my favorite Nonna, my B.F.f. Nonna (not to be confused with my other b.F.f. Gamma) gave me a super duper surprise for my birthday this year: tickets to the Wiggle's Concert!!!!!

I LuV ThE WiGgLeS. They are the colors to my Skittles, the Dora to my Explorer, the chocolate to my milk.
Sometimes big people just don't get it, that's why I needed to tell you myself- I was worried my mom would go on and on about how Jeff came right up to us. She was screaming and taking pictures and saying lots of stuff...stuff about big kid things- like how older skinny Asian men dancing in purple really bring out the Rarrrrrrr in her, or something like that.

And baby London doesn't get it either...she slept most of the time. Boy, did she miss out. She didn't even get to point her fingers and do the twist!

But my Nonna gets it. She was so fun. She was as excited as me. She was friendly like me too! She kept asking everyone we passed on the way into the concert if they were excited too!

And when the show was over, she understood how hard it is for a girl when you only have a choice of ONE souvenir. Mommy and Daddy said something about being too spoiled...Spoiled? Me? I've heard that word before, but I'm not sure what it means. But my Nonna understood.
That is why she bought me EVERY souvenir they offered.

Yes!! I got the Dorothy hat, the Wiggles T-shirt, the new DVD, a light up Wiggley car, a Wiggley back pack, AND cotton candy!!! Nonna understands a girl's need for accessories. I love my Nonna, and not because of the accessories. Girls like us just understand these sorts of issues. I'm very busy lately, teaching London about these sorts of things and wHaTnoT I have to go.
On the way out I kept hearing my Mommy say to Daddy, "Oh my word, how are we going to keep her from becoming TOO spoiled?!!"
Like I said before, I'm not sure what that means.

Have a WigGlEy dAy,




Ian said...

You certainly got the spoiled part right! Lily controls all of us. However, Lily is still the cutest wiggly fan ( and London too....)

Tyler said...

Oh, Lily you are just so darn cute. You must get that beauty from your mother. I had a great time at the concert and I hope that one day I will understand all of your accessories stuff too. I love you.

Joan Koplin said...

SOOO fun! The only thing missing on the big night of the concert was a handsome beau at your side...aka: JIMMIE! He wishes he could have been there with you. Oh well...maybe next time. OR maybe he could be your date for Prom!?

jenniferoharra said...

WOW Too Cute!! How fun! She's a lucky girl to be so spoiled!

Stephen Ishmael said...

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Amy said...

Well Lily it sounds like you had a big night! I'm so glad I got to hang out with you the other day and watch you put mascara on as lipstick. You'll get all that straightened out eventually. At least you have the accesories down. Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

I think we've figured out how to get people to comment on your page?! Pretend you're Lily! :)


Lily! You are the cutest Wiggle fan ever! And such a great big sister! I hope there are many more concerts and spoiling to come!

Anonymous said...

O.K. Lily...this is the other grandma whom has to compete with the "Wiggles" grandma and all the accessories!!! You are one of the greatest treasures (the other one is London) in our lives. Thanks for giving Nonna and Gam-ma so much fun and reasons to brag - which we do all the time!
Love forever and ever - Gam-ma