Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little bit of Art....

Who doesn't appreciate a good piece of art? Seriously.

And can I get an Amen! when I say that I am so sick of junk masquerading as art. Case in point: 85% of the material in Tate Modern (London, England). I'm sorry, but a giant wooden carving of an outlet plug (yes, an outlet plug, like what is on the end of the cord you plug your lamp into a wall with) hanging from the ceiling. Stupid. And I don't care if it isn't polished or progressive to just admit that the Emperor is walking around naked - Capish?

So when I stumble upon art that is truly unique, creative...and beautiful, I love love love it. Even more, I love this artist - a mother of three who somehow miraculously manages to cultivate and expand on this talent of hers. She takes the ordinary and can make something extraordinary.
It's like modern art with a vintage flair!
Old books, wallpaper, a little bit of this, a smidge of that, all mixed and matched to create something new and interesting.

Have I mentioned I love it?

You've gotta check it out...her website for shopping will be up soon and you can actually purchase stuff (I'm especially excited for the greeting cards!)

Just Click:




Em said...

loved this link! you are so cute, Rae. Your comments on my blog totally brighten my day. thanks!

Amy said...

I can speak for JD and I when I say we totally agree about not getting certain pieces of art. We just went to the SAM (the Seattle Art Museum) for the first time and there was a giant white poster w/ black lining on display. There was a whole explanation about space and dimension next to it. A blank white poster. Are you freaking kidding???????????????????

Love the art you showed.

Joan Koplin said...

Fun post, Rae...thanks for sharing this find with us :)

Joan Koplin said...

I have yet to attach my circles to the pillows. I was still in the process of sewing the circles together. They will come up soon, I hope :)

MOM said...

I love Ella (and Jess and their kids!)...Sometimes I get sad thinking about the mess our country is in and what the future might hold...then I think of wonderful couples like Ella & Jess and know that things will be alright. Thank goodness for your blogging Rae so that we can be uplifted by the happenings in the lives of the wonderful friends you have.
Good luck Ella with your art - count us as customers!

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