Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Good Life

I cried on the way home today. Feeling sulky and miserable, missing my girlies. Unbelievable grateful for my usual, although currently interrupted "peanut butter & jelly" existence.

Having to work the past couple weeks (lots of changes with Pop's business...hence I'm needed a lot more in the office...temporarily....) leaves me feeling achy and itching to be back to the good life.

With you...

And you...

Until then, you'll continue your daily adventures with Ga'ma and your aunties, and I'll keep missing you until we return to our usual routine. My good life is our good life.

I love you.



Joan said...

Max was jumping up and down, smacking the screen, and cooing while looking at the picture of's now made official: they are going to get married one day :)
I understand that ache in your heart. I can think of nothing harder than being away from my babies for any extended amount of time.
Find solace in the fact that they are with the very next best thing to mommy: ga'ma.

Daron and Jamee said...

Right after I read this I heard Carter yelling "MooooooooMMMMMM! Can you wipe my BUTT?" and then Olivia: "Did you say BUTT Carter? That is gross!"

Yes, even after I have wiped about 10 butts today, including my own...this is the good life that we live. If we stop and revel in the fact that this life CAN and SHOULD be simple than it just gets better.

I hope you are back home soon...and I am so glad that you have your Mom. I love her! You guys are great...