Monday, August 25, 2008


Wind blows in the first cool taste of the coming fall, gently nudging the edge of the summer's heat aside. As the sun sets, we gather. The cyclical turn of calendar year weathers you. Year after year, step after step, the polish fades. Feet up, chairs gathered for conversation. The wood once firm and smooth to the touch begins to slowly peel, creak, bend. You stand. Still and steady and comforting, soaking in the fading gatherings, the increasingly distant sounds of laughter and debate, stories and children, dinners and summer thunderstorm viewings.

"Hey everyone! Come sit out on the's such a nice evening. There's a breeze..."

"Hey Dad! Come watch me do this jump off the porch in my roller blades..."

"Let's play pioneers, you'll live on the front part, and I will be in the back..."

"Be careful of standing on those railings, you could fall..."

"It's okay, we're watching the game from the porch..."

"Happy birthday to youuuuuu..."

"No more jumping off! You could get hurt..."

"First day of school! Everyone out for pictures on the porch!..."

"Pop sees you Miss Lily! You be careful on that trampoline..."

"I love a good steak. There's nothing like a summer meal on the porch..."

"Come, sit, listen to the rain..."

I tell myself it's just a silly bunch of boards. Nailed together here, sloppily stained there. An old mess really. Wood...nothing but lifeless trees without consciousness or reciprocal feelings. And yet I want to take you with me. I feel like I'm abandoning you...the soul we breathed into your shoddy beams. Nothing feels more like home than hurriedly skipping the two front steps to your creaking surface...

But I can't. And we can't stay anymore. And it's ridiculous that it is so hard to let go. I tell myself that I'm taking what's most important with me, so tears are unnecessary. But they'll still fall heavily on your soon to be lonely wooden mantle, the host of so many years of memories and happy times.


Joan said...

Are your parents moving, or what is going on?! It sounded like you were talking about your parents least that is what I pictured while reading the post.
ps: LOVE that it always comes back to food! Isn't that what we live for, anyway? I mean, that and our families, of course :)
Once again, your comments were up to standard seeing as I laughed out loud for a good minute when I read, "stick comprehensive Christianity in your pipe and smoke it!" YOU are hilarious, my dear. And: I love you for it.

Daron and Jamee said...

Ok. On Friday night, I talked to your Mom on the phone for like 15 minutes about "the move". It seems bittersweet...sigh.

Please let me know of anything I can do to help you guys...will you?