Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jump Jump Jump

I am basking in the glory of two minutes of ZERO interruptions. I owe a huge shout out to my husband for this one. He's currently not home, but the result of him spending a decent quantity of time researching "Johnny Jumpers" online (the little bouncy things babies love to jump in...) was the purchase of a bona-fide bouncer to end all bouncers. Because no child of Tyler Haack's is going to have a namby pamby, multi-colored rainbow saucer monstrosity sitting in the living room to learn the delicate and much needed skill of jumping up and down repetitiously in the exact same location for sturdy amounts of time. No, no, no. Not for skills of this magnitude. Nothing but a contraption that the most skilled rock climber would envy will do:
We're talking real bungy (is that really a word?) cords.
Straps & velcro capable of holding a two hundred pound man.
A contraption that any guest to our home would raise an eyebrow to...possibly confusing it for a indecent, torturous device hanging in the doorjam - something CPS might want to hear about.

Lily is jumping in it right now. Yes, my 'almost' three year old. It's alright Lily, it's only London and I that are witnessing you stuffing into and joyously bouncing in this silly invention that we rigged high enough inside the door jam to accommodate a toddler that certainly does not belong in it. You are jumping happily. London is napping contentedly. I am typing peacefully. Ahhhhh.


Joan said...

You've posted THREE times since I've visited your blog?! SHAME. ON. ME.
I cannot handle London. I cracked up at, "London, you are fat." haha. What I would give for a fat baby. Mine are long and lean and I ache for a chubby little girl in my life to nibble on. London takes the cake on cute, fat, baby girl.
You are SUCH a darling mom...the paper plate art is precious. You are so creative that you made a mobile out of it.
The picture of your girls sleeping together is one for the books. How on earth do they sleep together?! Mine have never done that. It is darling and I adore how they are even all cuddled up together.
I am glad you are happy and loving motherhood as much as I am...even on the days when you want to throw something, kick and scream like a two year old while shouting, "BE QUIET! I AM LOSING MY MIND!" haha.
I miss you.

Daron and Jamee said...

Brigham has a Jumper thing too...and loves it. I put him in whenever I take a shower and I hear the "(squeaky)re, re, re, re, re, re" (Think movie, Psycho.)all through the shower. IT makes strong legs, no kids playing in the toilet, I am showering while all kids are awake (nice),and what a great idea to put your big girl in one of them. What brand is this??? No need for a trampoline when you have what you've got I guess.

Your Joanie makes me miss my Mindy.

I am still waiting for you to just "stop by" whenever you are bored and want to talk to me while I fold my laundry.
We have to make more time for each other.

Amy said...

I think you may use your time more wisely than me...I probably have more free time but when I try to use it for writing I just spend it reading other people's blogs and then dowloading music or looking at PerezHilton. I feel like it is a STRUGGLE finding stuff to write about lately..........