Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Big Twurd

Lily came bolting around the corner yesterday...

Down around one ankle hung her Strawberry Shortcake panties, nude buns in full fledged motion as she ran yelling:

"I gotta poooooo! I gotta pooooo!"

Alerted to this cry, and with a response of sheer joy at this proactive approach to the potty, I dropped my dishwashing duties and hurriedly followed after her in full sprint, waving my arms while yelling:

"Yay! Lily!!! Good Girl!!! You go! Run, run, run! To the potty!! Yay!!!!!!"

She ran to her glorified throne, (a REAL child size porcelain potty, plumbing fully connected and all - cuz when you've got a "Pop" who owns a plumbing business, you get hooked up with these sorts of luxuries) sat down, and with a concentrated brow declared:

"I gotta do a big twurd mom, a big twurd."

Me: "What? Excuse me Lu, what did you just say?"

"I gotta do a big twurd, mom."

Me: "Did you just say the word 'tird'? Did my darling girl seriously just say 'big tird'?"

I still have yet to find the person to whom I owe a hearty thanks for their efforts in the expansion of my daughter's vocabulary. I have a sneaky suspicion he sleeps next to me.


Joan said...

Let the perverse/crude/un-ladylike talk begin! Poor Rae...working so hard to mold her daughters and daddy comes along to ruin them with words like "tird." haha

Joan said...

Ps: I am leaving a comment on your "Oh no you di'ent" post...

Nonna said...

That is the thing I love most about our Lily...she can be girly but she can do the tomboy thing too! She can be a priss but can also rough and tumble like the boys. Just like her name...Lily Tyler Haack! xoxox