Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey there lovaaa

You hate my blogging. Well, hate is too strong of a word. You are extremely complimentary of anything I record. But, when I complain of what I consider to be an excessive amount of all-things-sports infiltrating our little home life, you quickly counter with:

"Well, you're a blog-aholic. Why don't we start adding up the amount of minutes you are randomly swallowed by the office computer?"

Point taken. And, I'll have you know that the girls are napping as I write this. My guiltometer is in full throttle functionality anyways, so you simply confirmed what I already know I must keep in check.

A couple of years ago, I canceled my guilty pleasure magazine subscriptions to US Magazine and People. While I shivered with anticipation to see the face of a Britney Spears meltdown or Jessica Simpson's latest outfit staring back at me from the fresh pile of my Friday afternoon mail, I had noticed an odd, eery feeling that would consume me for a good thirty minutes after flipping through the glitzy pages. Comparisons. Envy. Dissatisfaction. Fiction. Facades. Nothing I've ever had much of a taste for. I wanted to commit to live in MY life, and as long as I was reading constantly about the ridiculous details of others lives, mine wasn't being given its full savor. And oh boy, its a rich life worth every tasty morsel.

The epiphany is applicable to blogs as well, I guess.

I will read them. I love entering other people's day to day activities. But the comparisons stop now. And my life will not be imbalanced with them - cross my heart and hope to....remain in control and balance my own beautiful journey.

Time to practice what I just preached. Lily just woke up and climbed into my lap. So, I'm off to savor the warm cushy goodness of a post nap cuddle on the couch with Ms. I-wake-up-grumpyhead until she fully re-emerges into reality.

And for the blogging record, I'm still obsessively in love with you, and can't wait till you get home tonight.


Anonymous said...

You Should always keep blogging, because you deserve time for yourself and you simply love it. Which is great, I love that you love it. Most important I want you to be happy and blogging is a release from all of the hard work that you do each and everyday. I was only pointing out that you have your 2nd love just like I do, yours just involves a computer and mine a sporting activity. Love always your one and only first love. And don't post this comment. Love you.

Rae's Corner said...


I think you don't understand the posting a comment thing- mine doesn't require my permission to post, it just goes up automatically when you write it. Oops. And I'm not deleting it.
Good for the posterity. And I'm glad you have your second love, and that it doesn't involve another woman, or toxic substances. So, I guess...I guess...I can appreciate basketball. And baseball. And football. And softball. And tennis. And soccer.

Anonymous said...

How excited am I? Three blogs in a week. I love reading the many different things your write about....things we can all relate to. Thank you for being so entertaining and letting me still see a little bit of your life.

So go on and be a blog-aholic like your lovaaa says. Oh, and do you think your lovaaa now understands how the post a comment thing works? Too funny!!!!

(I don't know why sometimes my name comes up at the top of my comment and sometimes not, Oh well.)

Rae's Corner said...

How excited are you Vanessa?....try how excited am I?! You know how I feel about comments on my blog!