Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photo shoot

Family photos are such a double edge sword for me.

On the one hand it is a memorable snapshot, a flittering glimpse of the eternal beauty of a family. Sound evidence of the happiness permeating my life.

On the other, they are utterly fraudulent.

Ahh, would ya look at that PeRfEcT LiTtLe family!?

Thankfully, there are no sound bytes attached:


"Smile,Lily, or else you're not getting a fruit-snack. Tyler, why are you holding her so high, she's going to be towering over us! For the love, let's try and balance it out here!"

"Look at the, stop...don't look at the camera...look natural...NOW look at the camera...why are you squinting like that? It's going to look like you're blinking."


"Why do you have to be so crazy?"


" Someone's got to be crazy otherwise we'd have a bunch of pictures with Squinto-the Warrior King."

London: "WWWaaaaaaaaaaaa"

ONe, tWo, ThRee Sssssmile! cLiCk.

The photos are the proof. None are as perfectly posed as I envisioned. None as portrait straight and hair untouched as I prayed they would be. But, their imperfections are beautiful...and yes...I'll dare to say it:

I think my family iS PeRfEcT. For me.

Mixtures of black and whites vs. color : Which one do you vote should be the Christmas card this year?

This year HoNoRaBle MeNtiOns:


Daron and Jamee said...

Oh Rachel! They turned out so good! Your right, family pics like this make everything seem so perfect. I am always happy if we can get just one good one. I really like candid shots (or as candid as you can get) like the one with all of you walking down the dirt road, but for Christmas it seems everyone wants to see faces. Can you do a collage of all of them? Especially the first one in the honorable mentions, I laughed out loud really hard!

Jacob Hansen said...

HOLY crap rae...YOU GUYS ROCK seriously. I MISS THOSE GIRLS SOOO MUCH! I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU GUYS (also as you can see i like the caps lock button) lol. WELL I LOVE YOU GUYS. KISS THE GIRLS FOR ME. Also read my blogs and leave a comment when you can. The pic's arent as good but.....what can I say you guys pretty much have the cutest girls ever, much cuter than any girl I

W. A. Sandholtz said...

I guess I'm only tangentially connected to this blog, but I'm Jake's roommate/comp from the the mission, and he ALWAYS raves about his nieces. All I can say is props: rad pics, rad blog, rad family. seriously just reading your blog makes me want babies of my own . . someday. no rush.

jenniferoharra said...

These pictures are so great! I love how you can take a bad day or moment and laugh at it-that's what life is about! You guys look great! And I love your hair-very cute!

Vanessa said...

I think the black and whites are great for Christmas cards. But who could pick......they are all (including the honorable mentions) BEAUTIFUL. Rachel you have a beautiful family. I can't believe how big the girls are.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the one of all 4 walking with your backs to the camera down the dirt road. That's my vote. :)


I agree with Nae :) The one of you holding London in the air and Lily swinging is also an awesome family moment. you are so gonna be the lady with 5 kids and still a rockin' bod...

Rae's Corner said...

"First, I'd like to thank the academy for this honor" (forgive me if addressing all of my commentators smacks of hollywood-esque narcissism i.e. wallowing in my own blogosphere/pictures)- and now a few shout outs:

Just had to say hi Vanessa! I am so glad you dropped by!
Hope all is well ( I have no idea if you'll even read this!)

Sandholtz & Cub- I've heard a lot about you - can't wait to meet you and share a Cafe Rio burrito together when we visit Jacob...

Shinae- awwww, what a good friend - you've commented like three times now! I feel so loved! Hip hip hooooray!

Jenny and Jaime- thanks for the compliments everyone - really now, you're too kind....

Jamee- thanks for letting us use your property!


Joan said...

Does there have to be JUST one?! Too difficult for me to decide.
Rachel: you look SUPER SKINNY?!?! You "M.I.L.K." (Mom I would like to kiss) you! Seriously, Hot Mom coming through! I am so impressed with your skinny-ness. AND YOUR HAIR!?!?! It is SO short and chic and I LOVE it?!
I want to chew on London. Is she the chunkiest, darling little baby girl ever?! I want her!
I have to reemphasize this one more time: YOU LOOK SUPER HOT!

Cindy Martinez said...

Hey Rae,

I have to admit I had quite a bit of catching up to do reading your posts for the last month or a bit more! Hummmm..... I had an exciting (and yes stressful) event that needed planning a bit sooner than originally expected! ;-) but the wedding of my first child has now come and gone and I could not be happier with the new addition of a beautiful "daughter" (in-law) that I can now officially claim!

I love family pictures!!! We were able to sneak in an afternoon photo shoot of our own on the grounds of UNR between Jonny returning from his mission and the wedding. Ugh! Although beautiful.... they never quite turn out as I envision (mainly my body and controlling the "shine" on my husbands head!) but out of the hundred or so that were shot my most favorite would be our family being crazy and forming a human pyramid! Totally candid and everyone cracking up!

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!! Personally I could not just pick one so my suggestion is to pick several and have a variety of cards! They also make great gifts that will be cherished by those receiving above all other gifts! Your family is simply beautiful!!!

Cindy Martinez

PS - Hey as a new "mother-in-law" how about a post on the do's and don'ts. My personal goal...... to be the perfect mother-in-law! Yah, I know, is there such a thing? Whitney has promised to gently guide me in acheiving this goal. Personally I think my biggest challenge is going to be "Keeping my lips zipped" -- but I am up for the challenge! ;-) Love to hear your thoughts.... and maybe Tyler has a few words of wisdom as sons-in-law will be welcomed into the family as well!

Vanessa said...

Of course I saw your comment. I always read your're a great writer. All is well with me, I hope the same is true with you and your family. Please tell your mom and dad I said hi. Keep the blogs coming!!!!

Megan Svetz said...

Oh my heck---where do your hammy-downs go, they are too cute! Those pics are amazing, who shot them? My fave is the couple one, of course, I am a total sap. Your family is so cute---I better see you next time in Reno (we really need to stop missing eachother, where were you sat?)!