Friday, November 14, 2008

Post election stress disorder

Tyler and I are on the FABULOUS DAVE RAMSEY PROGRAM. It's like a diet...for your pocketbook. It feels good to live within the ol' means and it's become somewhat of a game...the How much money can I save? game.

I marched into Winco (discount groceries...ghetto...but cheap) armed with my cash only policy and list that had been preplanned and budgeted. The grocery game is simply to come in under our grocery budget, and any extra goes towards our "Fun Money" budget. I get REALLY excited when I find a Hearts of Romaine salad bag for a $1.78, when I budgeted $3. Yeah baby, there's gonna be some fun tonight.

I came in $8 under budget today. Perfect, I thought. Just enough for Ty and I's date night snacks at the movies. Oooh, I'm good. Uh huh, uh huh.

A nice woman began a friendly conversation with me at the checkout, complimenting my girls, chatting and whatnot - she had four kids, teenagers, yada yada. I have babies, we both love babies, both fear teenagers. After bagging the groceries, we said our goodbyes only to laugh when our cars coincidentally were parked next to each others.

It was then that I noticed I had completely forgotten to have the checker ring up the milk and diet soda I had placed under the cart. Hot diggity dang...what the hayell? I muttered out loud, "Oh no! I forgot to pay for these items!"

The woman immediately responded, "Oh puhlease, you just go right on ahead and put those in your car. These companies make oodles and oodles of profit off of you anyways."

" Listen lady, just because a company makes a huge profit does not give me the right to steal products. The reason this company makes oodles and caboodles of the green stuff is because they supply me with products I need and want. And, at a better price than competitors. For that, they DESERVE the profits. Every last flipping cent. And when they do profit, they will build more stores to make even more profit, and with more stores will come more jobs. Jobs for you, and me, and my engineer husband who might even design the building. Other companies will see them cashing in on such a profitable industry, and begin following suit, making other discount grocery jobs jobs. This will drive the prices of our food down even further, the quality of service up higher, as all of these competitors compete for MY business.
Just because they are raking in the dough doesn't give me the right to steal their milk, even if it does mean opting out on popcorn tonight at the movies. If the injustice of it all drives you that crazy, then maybe you and I should enter in together as a competitor, and channel all that wealth hating into creating our own discount grocery store.

If I was on the same wavelength of rationale (or lack thereof) as you, I would have voted for Barack Obama. "

Ok ok ok, it would have been great if I really HAD said that. Instead I mumbled something about Lily understanding that I hadn't paid, and feeling an obligation to show her how to be honest. We returned, paid, with no pomp or circumstance (sigh...I do love a good pat on the back...I was imagining the crowds lined at the checkstand as I graciously entered with my children, all in wide eyed admiration at this amazing display of chilvalrous honesty over dairy. Alas, the nice Portugese checker quickly scanned my items without consequence as everyone rolled their eyes at the holdup).
I carried on my delightful speech in the solitude of my car while driving home. And let me tell you, my audience couldn't have agreed more.

Tyler and I won't be having popcorn tonight.

And although my wallet is no longer as heavy....neither is my soul.


Amy said...

Good job Rae. I wouldn't expect any less from you. That reminds of the time awhile back when I was at Target and the cashier gave me $40 back when I was only supposed to get $20. I realized it walking out and I stopped and thought about it for a second. I even asked Jamie Dallas who said without hesitation, "Take it back."

(I did.)

Joan said...

I adore that every time I stop by to read your blog I get to crawl inside your head for a few moments...and laugh. You always know how to make me laugh.

jenniferoharra said...

Way to go Rachel! Hopefully there are more people like you in the world!

Joan said...

Ps...guess who I got an email from the other day? Ryan :)
Um, would you mind emailing me your address, please? Thanks.