Monday, November 17, 2008

Rae's Randoms

Is it now a series? Time will only tell....I guess I'm just so...random?

That really should be the coined theme of my short blogging existence. Random.

What started out as an attempt to keep an online journal for my children to someday savor has become a winding path, curving this way and that throughout our days - more specifically my days, as I am the only narrator of this story. A sampler of Mom's mind at this point or that. Like the ol' jack of all trades, yet master of none.

So no, I do not wax poetic this evening about my children or my adoration for my lovely husband. No preaching. No conclusions. No pictures. No epiphanies. Just randoms.

And yet, it feels so good. So liberating to not have to make sense. Randoms are what life is made of. So, without further ado, here are just a few more of them this week:

1. God bless garlic. I'm serious here. I have the same feelings towards cilantro. As I was peeling the crusty shell off of the potent clove the other evening I marveled at the fact that there once was a very first somebody who innovatively thought to crush it and mix it with pasta, or chicken. If you think about it, when have you ever stolled beside some random outdoor perennial bulb and thought, "Hhhmm...I should chop that up and add it to our salad this evening. Give it a whirl."
My hats off to you, garlic and cilantro discoverers. A breathy, post fettuccine consumed thank you. The Olive Garden just wouldn't exist without your spark of pure genius.

2. I've been listening to these books on cassette (Aw, my dearest Dad, who lent them to me...the only man still in existence who is checking out CASSETTE tapes at the library. I'm surprised they had not completed the final stages of fossilization by the time I got a hold of em). The cassettes are a collection of women's diaries who crossed the North American West plains during the nineteenth century. And while I am amazed at their strength, I can't help but want to scream at the cassette player while folding laundry:
"Get to the good stuff! What did you wipe with?!!!" Those details never come. Curse Victorian social taboos.

3. London had to get a flu shot today, poor baby. Lily had already received her shot at a previous appointment. She overheard the nurse use the forbidden "SH" word (shot) and began screaming....
"No!!! No sschots! no schots! (shots with a lovely little slur)." The nurse explained that Lily wouldn't have to receive any shots, just baby London. To which Lily replied more adamantly, "Nooooo! No schots for my schister! No schots for my Lun-Deen!"
The doctor could barely examine London without Lily constantly inching in, commanding, "Doc Ter, Doc Ter, No schots for Lun-Deen."
I have to admit, I couldn't be more proud of this protective streak. Hopefully she'll take it with her onto future playgrounds.

4. If you haven't tried the seasonal Diet Sierra Mist with Cranberry, you haven't experienced the holidays properly. It straight up replaces water in the Haack household from Nov 1st - Jan 6th.

5. Has anyone noticed my excessive use of the "..." in all of my posts? I'm addicted. It won't change.

6. My sinuses act up horribly whenever I've been talking for a while (surprise surprise, they act up often). I have to constantly clear my nose after holding more than a 10 minute conversation with someone. Most of my closest associates know this. This sometimes embarrasses me, and I want the conversations with unfamiliars to end before the plug attack. I also talk too loud. This embarrasses me sometimes too. I never know when I'm doing it, I only realize it after I have ceased speaking and a gentle peace envelopes the room.

7. Six is a random number of randoms to have. Well, seven now...counting this one.

That's it. Random Rae, signing off. Until next time. Maybe. Well, probably. Or not. Or for sure. Who knows.

Your turn. Live a little.



Daron and Jamee said...

I am feeling a little random today too, but, I, unlike you am unable to find a way to blog about it. Here are some of my thoughts:
1)I love aprons. Aprons symbolize who I am. They symbolize what I do, and when I put on my apron I feel like all of a sudden I am incredible and what I do will be done perfectly and the ones I do it for will be very satisfied.

2)I am planning (with Natalie) two wedding receptions. One for January 2nd, and one for February 14th. I never thought I would do this until Olivia was getting married. It's fun, and way beyond my sister in law duties!

3)I want lots of hoodies. Every season I crave wearing something. This winter it is hoodies. I went to Ross to buy some and they were $25 freaking bucks. At Ross? I thought that place was supposed to be one of the cheapest? So I went to Old Navy and Maurices and found one for $15 and one for $10. If you see any around this price range let me know.

4)It is so hard to concentrate during my morning prayers, but if I don't do it right when I wake up (5am) than I forget to do it at all until the middle of the day during the craziness and then I feel guilty for forgetting and I wish I would have remembered because then things would not be so crazy. Instead I kneel down and my mind starts wondering and thinking about everything I have to do that day. I wish I could focus more on the task at hand.

Thanks for letting me share, maybe somehow I will post about something.

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