Friday, November 7, 2008

A short story

Girl meets boy.

Girl falls in love with boy, marries boy, and makes girl babies.

Girl is happy. Boy is happy.

Girl is now Wife girl and Mother girl in addition to being simply "girl".

Boy is now Husband boy and Father boy in addition to simply "boy".

Girl sometimes gets tired. Wife girl and mother girl are working overtime.

Mother girl has changed diapers all day. Mother girl has cleaned poopy "accidents" on the floor twice that day. Mother girl has nursed baby girl. Mother girl has dealt with three two-year olds in house all day. Mother girl has taught piano lessons. Mother girl has grocery-shopped with screaming children. Mother girl is turning mean.

Wife girl is trying to get in a shower. Wife girl would like to look pretty. Wife girl wants to have a nice dinner on the table. Wife girl is busy trying to cook. Wife girl is frustrated because baby girl and toddler girl are throwing the spices from the spice rack all over the floor. Wife girl is turning mean too, and ugly.

Father boy returns home from a long day at work. Father boy is also taking late evening classes for his MBA. Father boy is tired, but Father boy happily plays with baby girl and toddler girl.

Husband boy sees Wife girl, and gives her a kiss. Wife girl and mother girl are very busy cooking and cleaning and doing all things maniac. Husband boy begins scrambling about the house, going through stuff in the closet. Husband boy is looking for something. Husband boy bustles about house saying he working on his "school project".

Husband boy interrupts Wife girl from cooking. Husband boy leads wife girl into master bathroom where candles are lit around a warm bath. Favorite novel has been set by the side. Husband boy tells wife girl and mother girl to take a bath and read, all by herself. Husband boy gets dinner and the baby girl and toddler girl to bed. Mother girl and wife girl want to cry, and scream for joy.

Mother girl and wife girl relax, and begin to read. Soon, mother girl begins to rub off in the bubbly water. Wife girl evaporates with the soapy steam. Out of the bath, girl emerges. Just girl. Happy girl.

Who kisses the boy. And thanks the boy. Just the boy.

And they still are living happily ever after....

The end.


Joan said...

What a MAN! I love that about Tyler...he knows how to take care of his woman and in turn you know how to take care of your man. I am so glad you two have each other.

Nonna said...

That boy must have been raised by a good woman! xoxox

Cynthia said...

I have to agree with "Nonna"! It is sooooo important to raise our boys to care and pamper their girlfriends and especially wives! My own father is AMAZING and after 50 years of marriage STILL treats my mother like a queen and always pampers her! If you get a second check out Jonny and Whitney's blog at:

Cindy Martinez