Thursday, December 4, 2008

Auntie Rae

Get the news here first folks:

I'm going to be an Aunt. Hip hip hoooooray!!

A special thanks to Daniel and Ali. Mostly Ali, a little Daniel.

Lily and London will have a cousin!

Can't wait.


Daniel said...

Wait a minute!!! Just hold on here!!! What's this nonsense about 'a little Daniel' help?

I'm not sure if you remember the talk with Dad in the pumphouse about birds chasing bees, but I recall that the male end of the deal was pretty CRUCIAL to the task!

Let's give some credit where credit is due! 1) Daniel 'beguiled' Ali into marrying him without copious amounts of alcohol. 2) Daniel then proceeded to seduce the temptress. 3) Millions of mini-Daniels fought for the prize and only one champion secured the victory!

I'd say that's a pretty significant list of accomplishments.

Vanessa said...

How WONDERFUL!!!!! I was just thinking the other day, I wonder if Ali is pregnant yet.

Congratulations to everyone:
Daniel & Ali (of course)

Rachel (because you are going to be an aunt)

Lily & London (because you are going to be the big cousins)

And of course Ira since I know how much you love grandbabies.

A little side note to Daniel: You do know that you really didn't have much to do with this......don't you?

Joan said...

YAY! What could be better than more babies to build the Hansen empire!? Seriously, you guys are such an amazing family.

Joan said...

Ps: you haven't answered my email yet, brat! haha. Do you still live on Rosy Finch? What is your parents new address, pleeeeeeaaase!!! Your Christmas cards are sitting right here with your names but no addresses. Okay, I've whined enough now.