Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy birthday, lovebug.


For your first birthday party, I decided on a Ladybug theme about three weeks after you were born (you really have to take advantages of these times as a mother, before children begin choosing their own themes like Handy Manny or Spongebob Squarepants...oh, the horror!).
Anyways, when Lily was born, I was gifted the book "Fancy Nancy" from Shinae, Amy, and Jaime to celebrate her arrival. When you later graced us with your arrival, a book followed in the mail shortly thereafter
from the same girly fan club, entitled :
How Perfect! Even then, just a few weeks after your birth I immediately plotted and proclaimed that a "ladybug" was a perfect way to describe you, and hence would be the theme of your first birthday. (Some are aware that I have a weird bug/turtle/animal association thing going on with my kids...but I tell you!: You are a darling ladybug! You are kind and cute, funny and round, silly and sweet, delicate and intelligent! So are ladybugs, yes? no? whatever!)

, you continued to reinforce my ladybug leanings as you became my "cuddlebug" and "snugglebug" and "fatty patty lovebug" throughout the first glorious year of your existence. You are the uber-de-uberest, most-est edible, kissable, huggable, squeezable, lovebug enjoyment...and I wanted to create a ladybug land for the record book.

So, before I plaster the blogscroll with darling pictures of your big celebration, let me begin by telling you I'm so glad you're only turning the big 0-1. Because hopefully you will remember
nothing of the my behavior leading up to the fesitivities. (But don't worry, I'm sure your aunts will eventually fill you in on the part where I threw the frosting filler during a pathetic tantrum at the failure of your cupcakes to look like ladybugs...they were more like dirty red blobs with black streaks...and I was more like a dirty hag OCD mom ruining the mood due to a lack of sleep and perfectionistic tendencies. Pardon the pun, but can't a girl just have her cupcake and eat it too? Can't I try to throw a perfect little celebration after a solid week of no sleep, a husband in finals, and grocery shopping with THREE children under the age of THREE without turning into Momzilla? Does it always have to be a choice between sanity or a perfectly tiered ladybug cupcake pyramid?)

Can I really be blamed though?! I just wanted to throw a party worthy of the celebration you have been in our daily lives, and oh what a celebration you have been! A celebration that human language fails to properly describe. A miraculous, chubby, smiley, adorable piece of evidence revealing I really can't get too much of a good thing. I'll never tire of loving you...and I'll get the birthday thing right one of these years.

Until then,
thank you for bringing more tingle-all-the-way-to-your-toes joy than your tongue-tied, sappy, and eternally grateful mother will ever be able to properly articulate.

I love you, I love you, I love you,
ladybug girl.


P.s... I'm sorry to have to end on a sad note...however I must tell you that you did, at the mere age of one, already break your poor father's heart, when after all the partying you ended the evening in the arms of another man...

(Max) (Shocking, London, a married man too?)


Vanessa said...

London......HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! With that cute outfit you look just like a ladybug girl. By the look on your face it looks like your mom did a really good job on the cupcakes.....I love a girl who enjoys a good cupcake. Tell your mom that once again her table looks beautiful and even though she stressed I'm sure everything was perfect.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Londy!!!