Tuesday, December 9, 2008


There is a battle raging inside of every decorating obsessed female during the holidays:

Colored lights, or white?

Organic winter foliage or stumpy stuffed snowmen and crafty Santa sleighs?

Monochromatic peace tranquility, or an Elve's busy multi-colored workshop?

Or at least, this battle rages on in me. Year after year after year. Psycho as it is. Tyler can attest to the fact that I've been known to stare at blank walls for longer than thirty minutes. Poor man, he thinks I'm am actually watching the movie...only to discover I'm obsessing about what to do with the shelves above the television. (*This is where even a Mormon could make an argument in favor of shacking up before marriage - you can catch these sort of illnesses before the big plunge, the poor boy was blindsided. Too late. buuh haa haa.)

I first presented the idea of decorating the tree with white lights pre-children, as Tyler and I purchased our first Christmas tree for our darling condo. I was immediately confronted with baffled pleas from my husband:

"What?! No way! White lights are boring. Aaahhh! You've got to be kidding me."

He touched on my inner-kid nerve and I promptly acquiesced. Besides, you've gotta adore a man who loves Christmas. We've lived in two different homes since our condo, and the first thing Tyler inevitably mentions during both purchasing processes sounds something like:

" This house is awesome. You can fit like a 17 foot tree in it."

Never mind the master bath. The cabinetry. The square footage. Or that Christmas only accounts for 1/12 of the time we will inhabit the dwelling. If the ceiling is high enough to house a forest, you'd better believe the Haacks are interested.

So, Santa's workshop it was/is.

And yet, as I'd channel surf HGTV and see the gorgeous white lighted bay leaf wreaths - magical in their simplicity - the infernal tug of war between adult decor vs. happy children decor continued to antagonize my innards.

BuT NoT tHiS yEaR.

Cutting down our trees this year saved some cash, thus allowing me to justify TWO trees, and two separate looks:

Room one: Golden splendor (Yes, I name my rooms- have for a long time - and yes, I know there are starving people in the world and more important things to worry about. And I do, but a girl's gotta have a little break from the never-ending anxieties of society. Some use alcohol, others narcotics. Me...I name rooms. So lay off.)

*Gotta love the floor model.

London village: after eternal sobs and moans over missing the beloved city, Mom and Lori couldn't take it anymore and began slowly giving me this village, piece by piece each year (birthdays, Mother's day, Christmas). Yes, that is the Globe theater you behold. And Buckingham, and The Tower of London, and the Tower Bridge, and the Orangery. And yes, I am shamelessly spoiled:

Thank you, Michaels, for your 40% off holiday foliage. And Ross, for your $1.99 salad plates.

Room two: Jolly holiday.

Can't beat cheap craft paper - that now fills my frames for the festivities.

It's looking to be a very merry, golden splendor, jolly holiday sort of Christmas.


Cindy Martinez said...


Love all you’re decorating and your creative thoughts behind it!!!! Although I do not possess even half the talent you have I also can fall into that staring pattern trying to envision where each item will be placed!!

Two years ago I began putting two full size trees in our home and this year I got even crazier and have an additional 4 foot tree in our dining room (3 total!).

Living and dining room are based on a Spiritual theme and then the family room is full blown Snowmen and Santa.

This is definitely my most favorite time of the year!!!!

Dan & Ali said...

Tis the season!

Vanessa said...

Like I have told you over and over again.....your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love both trees and all your decorations.

Lily looked so cute (and older) in the flower girl dress. I can't believe London is walking and she is going to be one.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Amy said...

Why only 3 stockings???

Rae's Corner said...

There is actually another one underneath the red and green striped one...but it doesn't go with the look...I wasn't kidding about the psycho part. If the stockings don't jive well, kids, don't expect Santa to fill em...that's what I always say.

And Merry Christmas Vanessa and Cindy!

Joan said...

LOVE the paper art, Rae. Super chic and simple. LOOOOVEEE IT! I still laugh about the Persian Princess bedding/room decor when we lived together! hahah. You are a riot and I love you.

Jacob Hansen said...

Ok Tyler must know i am on his side. WHITE LIGHTS??????? how crappy is that. Thats like a commie godless christmas tree. Rachel......sigh*.....i worry about you