Monday, December 8, 2008

Lil angels

"But I'm afraid," muttered the inquisitive and doubtful girl.

"Of what?" asked the Big Man with twinkly eyes and a bright grin.

"Being a big sister will be so hard. So many people to have to share with in that huge family. Being a mother will be even harder... and a wife!? Don't get me started! Taking on all of these titles by my lonesome self! Please don't send me down there! I want to stay up here where it is fluffy and soft!"

"But silly Miss, don't you remember earlier when I told you I'd always be there, watching and waiting for whenever you need to talk to me?" the Big Man replied.

"I'm not very good with things I can't see. And I tend to know me! I'll wander and get confused and not remember you are there, then I WILL be all alone and afraid! Plllleeeeeeeaase! Don't send me!" the stubborn girl pleaded.

He responded, "Oh my Word, what am I to do with you? ...
How about this...I'll send you some angels. They will help you. And keep you happy. When they are little you will love them like your own, and they will teach you to be a mother. Then, when you really do become a mother, they will help you with that too. They will help teach your children good things, and make them feel extra special and loved. They will make you laugh, and you'll feel very proud that they are yours - but you must not be too proud. You will all play and laugh and tease and joke, and they will make you very merry indeed. You must be very nice to your angels, ok?"

"But what if I forget to be nice sometimes? And what if I do the same thing I might do with you- what if I start to doubt because I can't see them? What if I start wandering around forgetting they are with me?" continued the girl in confusion.

With a roll of his brow, He remarked, "Really, I should double check your brain fittings: I was a little tired when I created you, your screws may not be screwed in just right...

First of all, if you aren't nice I'm sure they will forgive you if you're sorry. Goodness, has your Big Brother taught you anything? And, I'm not talking about angels you can't see my dear, I'm talking about your littlest sisters.
They are the best ones I've got...I've kept them on layaway for a special occasion. You're going to love them, I've already had many requests for them to be substituted elsewhere. But, I think they're especially perfect for you and so I'm sending them to you - as long as you try not to cry on every one of their birthdays lamenting the fact that they grow so quickly - that just makes everyone uncomfortable."

"Hmmmm...well, maybe...
Could they be just one more thing?...You said they would make me laugh and help me and make my life happier, but can they be really really beautiful too?"

"Of course. I had already planned on that."

"Oh, ok. I guess I'll go then."

"Good. Glad that's settled."


Daron and Jamee said...

Oh! I am so glad that I stayed up late tonight so that I could read this beautiful story! Thank you Rae!!

Oh how I wished I lived closer to my two younger sisters. I feel like its so hard to get to know them in this crucial time when they live so far away and I am so busy with 3 littles. Any ideas on how to nurture that relationship living so far away??


PS you looked beautiful at the wedding, and little Lily, can I borrow your red peacoat and necklace? Thanks, you are a doll!

Jacob Hansen said...


Sarah said...

Wow....I am horribly offended

Rae's Corner said...

Sarah Bear-

Is you scroll down a few posts- you would notice one where I already mentioned you. Oh wait, you never read my blog. That's right.

Luv you snookums.