Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lily Lu speaks...

It's Lily here. Actually, as you can see from the attached photos below, I think the more appropriately fitting name you may refer to me as shall be:

Princess Lily Lu Flower Girl Magical Fairy Darling Extraordinare.

See my necklace? It is quite exquisite.

See my friends?

See that pretty older Princess over there? She is very very oh my good gracious beautiful. Mom says that is the best kind of beautiful, just like me.

See me running? Do you like my pretty hair?

See my Mom ruining my fluffy dash through the walkways? Really mother, now how is my hair going to flow beautifully in the wind? (She doesn't understand these sorts of things...dresses and hair look best when twirled and whirled.)

See me in Thomas the Train? *Mommy asked if I would please insert "Cadillac Escalade limousine"

She also asked if I would please insert this photo of her pretty red nails. Oh mother, really, what am I going to do with you? You are lucky you are so silly - otherwise I would have sold you on Ebay.

And last but not least, of course...a message to "Lun-deen":

Lun-deen, I know I have taught you many things. And I know you want to do many things like me too. You are my "schister", and schisters teach each other special things:

Like how to survive....

And how to walk....

But most especially, how to be a
Princess Flower Girl Magical Fairy Darling Extraordinare.

And I will teach you that too, as soon as you have pretty hair like me.




MOM said...

Who is the lucky grandmother of these adorable babies? Why she must just kiss and eat them up on a regular basis! Does she realize how lucky she is?
Yep...Love Gamma (Alexis)and ditto I'm sure for Nonna (Lori)

Nonna said...

Oh Lily, you and Giulia were the best little flower girls! I am so glad the two of you got along so beautifully. You are going to grow up and have so many friends. You were the life of the party and the best little dancer! We had so much fun with you. We love you!
Nonna & Pop

Jacob Hansen said...

OH MY CRAP! how cute. I better have girls that are that cute