Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

In the left finally arrived: A "Pay Dou ice ceam maker"!!!
(Play dough ice cream maker. Lily's main request from Santa.)
And don't ask me why I don't have morning pics snapped of my children actually opening the presents. I was too busy with the video camera. Who takes pictures of the presents alone, and no children? The type of people who go on vacations and snap pics of the Denny's they stop at along the way
(and me, apparently).

The infamous, long awaited
"Big Gwurl Bed"

And Santa's corresponding
"Goodbye Binkie"

Thanks for the lovely dresses, Nonna!

Why do we post pictures of ourselves? Let's be honest... it's because we think we look good in the photo. We all know the myspaces and facebooks of the world are just plastered in desperate pictures of girls trying to prove their validity as undiscovered models or viable candidates for Girls Gone Wild. I've decided to go against the grain here, as you can see: I look tired. My dress makes me look fatter, and the hot black boots aren't even visible, nor my curly blunt pony tail with with the pearly bobby pins. Why do I post? Because someday, in the distant future, I will wish I had put photos of myself as a young mother to compare wrinkles to - I figure if the pictures are sub-par, the contrast won't be so depressing. Merry Future Christmas, dear self. (Lily took this photo by the way)

And a Happy New Year!!!


Amy said...

Awww...Merry belated Christmas Haacks!! Love the outfits, love the Santa letter...and love your pic too Rae...:)

Joan said...

Can I even tell you how hard me and B laughed at your comment on my last post?! I read it multiple times and laughed equally hard every time. I LOVE your wit, Rae. You are SO funny. I don't care what anyone else tells you. YOU ARE FUNNY!
I laughed at your comments about the pic of yourself in this post too. You look fantastic so shut up you self deprecating brat! haha. You are beautiful. Seriously. And of course you are wearing hot, practically thigh high, heeled boots. You trashy hot mom, you. I am so jealous :)