Monday, December 15, 2008

Missing my childhood

Although I'm loving my very adult, mother, wife life...I can't help but wake up on a snowy day and be sad I don't live with this kid anymore:

Who used to wake up everyone in the house at 6am screaming if it happened to be snowing. Are you surprised? Ah Cubster, you are one of a kind.


Dan & Ali said...

As the poor unfortunate soul who used to ACTUALLY live with this kid, I must clarify a few things... First off, Cub drove my OCD self wild with his complete and utter slob lifestyle and loud breathing at night. Second, mmm... ahh... hmmm... well Jacob... er... ahhhhh!!! Well, I guess I'll have to agree that Jake the Snake, Fred Poop, Cub, Huck, Ernst, the hot-pink motorcyclin' man is a pretty fun guy and has a knack for making life fun.

Damn him!

Jacob Hansen said...

AWE I AM GONNA CRY!!!!!! Thanks Rachel and Dan. I love you guys, and am proud of the good examples you are to me! And yeah I did freak out a six thirty the other day when it was snowing outside, and yes my roommate has to deal with my slobbish lifestyle. But ....come on.... its me!

Joan said...

One thing is for sure: the Hansen posterity are not lacking in the personality department :)