Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lu and Lundy visit the Fire Station

Our pre-school co-op group had a field trip today: The color we were learning about was Red and the letter was F. Ms. Jamee came up with the brilliant idea of visiting a Fire-station. So, off we went to tour the local firehouse with eight children under the age of 3. The Firemen looooved us.

Lily, please get your hand out of your mouth and smile.

Not exactly a home run, but we'll take it.

Two questions:
1. Are those four women really the source of that many children?

2. Is it really necessary to tilt one's head that diagonally for the camera? Is Rae trying to avoid catching a shot of some sort of neck fat?


1. Yes.
2. No. But, you can never be too careful.

What a fun field trip. Thank you, Ms. Jamee.


auntie mal! said...

Jamee i have to say Brilliant! All of the kids are sooooooooo cute! Hey if any of you guys(in playgroup) ever need a babysitter Just call me(I am rachels little sister!) get my number from rae cuz i dont think i should put my numbe on the internet! hahahaha Lily is so photogentic i have to say! luv ya xoxox

Daron and Jamee said...

An expansion on Q #1:

...and those aren't even all of those 4 ladies children...



Jacob Hansen said...

HAHAHAHAHA how cute. Rachel you are such a little mom now!!! It reminds me of our childhood and going to the library story time and things like that. Where did our lives go. One day we are going to see fire stations......and its wierd

Jacob Hansen said...

Also I love Mals little sales pitch!!!! She needs to get on board with me and Patrick!

Alexis said...

Two cutest things on the planet
1. kids
2. firemen
I miss those days of playgroups. Thanks for continuing the tradition so that I can live vicariously through my grandchildren. This post was a treasure.

Sarah Hansen said...

Oh no you di int .... I see my orange purse in the corner of the picture up there! I see it

Rae's Corner said...

buuuuuh haa are out of the country my dear, and you've abandoned your precious closet. Nobody is there to protect her.

dun dun dun.

payback is a really uh....

auntie mal said...

SARAH!! I gotch ur back girlfriend!!!!! Hahaha i am here to protect her(the closet) i reli did! Seriously!!! Well i love and miss ya. Ps i tried (key word) to protect her as best i could!