Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday morning Shenanigans

Saturday morning "let's get the whole house clean this morning so we can enjoy the rest of the weekend" scenario:

I said I'd vacuum!

I know that you said you would! But I need to mop, and you haven't finished vacuuming the tile in the back half of the house. You just stopped mid-beat, and now are folding laundry!?

You are rude and everything always has to be on "your terms". I said I'd vacuum. I said I'd vacuum. I said I'd vacuum. I would have gotten it done.

Well, I'm sorry if I assumed that if you were going to begin vacuuming you'd just finish it before beginning another task.

Fine, go on ahead and vacuum and pout like a crazy person.

Fine! Go on ahead and finish folding your laundry like a hopeless ADD victim.


I'm sorry.

Me too, I just wish you'd talk nicer when you need something done.

Well, I sometimes wish I didn't have to ask three times before actually being heard.

But you just end up ruining everything by acting rude.

I know. But what am I supposed to do sometimes? If I don't start commanding I don't think it will get done.

Yes it will.

You're telling me, the floors would have been mopped today?

Maybe not today.

But there was sticky juice spilled on them.

Not the end of the world.

But there was sticky juice spilled on them!

Oh well.

You know, where my weaknesses are also lie my strengths. I'm a doer. I just do and I get done and go go go. I want to be appreciated for the nice atmosphere I try to keep.

And I want to be treated kindly. There also always room for improvement. Myself included.


I've really got to stop ruining Saturday mornings.


Alexis said...

"It's not what you say it's how you say it!" Rae, you grew up with that mantra. Talk nice to my beloved Tyler. Besides, you already know that I think you are the greatest wife, mother, daughter (Sarah, Mal & Larissa included, of course!), etc...just keepin you humble - in front of the whole blogasphere:)

Rae's Corner said...

i know ma. I know.