Thursday, February 26, 2009


If there ever was a case to be made that the media is completely bias, it's the case of Nadya Suleman. I've never really fully bought the whole "liberal media bias" argument in the conservative world of conspiracies...but if you really think about it, let's consider the explosive coverage and negative attention turned on a woman who decided to opt for life for her children rather than selective reduction (abortion). Instead of choosing to discard of her remaining human embryos, she opted to have them implanted and raise them on her own. Yeah, I think she's on the crazy side too, but the issue at hand is really women's rights, isn't it?

Why is it that that media crucifies this girl, a mother who is pledging to attempt to raise her own children against significant and legitimate odds?

If they are so concerned about the innocent children involved, where is the uproar over the latest male serial whore (unfortunately an idealized standard for the American male) who has fathered multiple children he doesn't and never intended to provide for? Where is that provocative interview?

Why isn't the media pinpointing and attacking the woman who has had multiple elective abortions?

The media and leftist America hail themselves to be the progressives in "women's rights". Apparently, only in the case of eliminating life. As long as a woman is choosing to destroy the life she creates, she is allowed respect and privacy. It's her body, let her do whatever she feels is isn't any of your's between her and her doctor...isn't that what they claim?

But when a woman exercises that supposed right, and chooses to keep life?

Whoa, watch out.
What a shameful double standard. It sickens me.


Casady said...

Ok... I totally agree with you about the double standard of choosing life instead of choosing death.

But... this woman chose to raise the six kids she already had in her parents THREE bedroom home, that is in PRE-FORCLOSURE due to being behind 23,000 dollars in their mortgage payments and was FEEDING these six children with FOOD STAMPS. Then she decides to try for just "one more" and ends up with eight. Now, trying for one more was the problem in my eyes rather than choosing to have all eight over choosing to reduce. I don't believe the media is attacking her choice to keep all eight children, it is attacking her decision to even bring one more child into horrific circumstances where she already had six beutiful children she couldn't take care of herself. Lets be honest. This is not the beautiful story of husband and wife that love eachother so much and they can not concieve together so they have invetro. They would be happy with one but end up with eight and their dreams come true to now have a big happy family.

We can not forget that she is a single woman that already had SIX! SIX!

The Orchard Life said...

I have to agree with Cassady. This lady is clearly not mentally stable nor able to properly provide and raise 14 children. I think that the uproar and anger is and should primarily be aimed at the doctor who agreed to implant this woman with 8 embryos. She is only 33 or so, has physical/mental problems herself, has 6 previous children and they decide hey why not put 8 more babies in her?! Not okay. She will NEVER be able to afford to take care of all of her children plus the fact that they will most likely have health problems throughout life. :(

To me, she is totally selfish and crazy to even consider having so many children given her circumstances. So, yes I am pro-life but I am not for this crazy lady bringing these poor babies into this world. I think the problem is in the system allowing these type of situations to happen. Once all 8 were growing in her I believe that they all deserved to live, but I think something needs to change so that a woman will not be placed in a situation like that.

At this point, we can only hope and pray that these children will have happy and healthy lives.

Rae's Corner said...

Thanks for the comments - I realize my point didn't really come across all that clearly...

Please read disclaimer post!



And Cas- I'm so glad to see such a long comment from you! Hip hip hooray!

Casady said...

Haha I figured it was about time!