Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few highlights

Tyler had a special present from his parents, all wrapped in bright birthday paper:

A shoe box. From his closet in his old bedroom, STUFFED full of every love note I'd ever written him in high school.

Lori: "Oh yeah Hunnie, and you better believe I read every single one of them when you were in high school! Alexis and I would call each other to discuss!"

Really Lori? After that last post dedicated to you? This is how you repay me?

Kidding, of course.

That night, I doped myself up with anti-nausea medication in preparation for digging through each sappy line. I alternated between amused, nostalgic, and hideously embarrassed. Tyler and I were definitely reminded of some good ol' days. However, I'm going to have to say that my main conclusion reached after unfolding each crumply note is that the fact that American teenagers are even allowed out of their homes is beyond comprehension. We were like apes with shoes.

Passages that prove my point:

It's the inside that counts...

"I don't know why on the day that I needed to look good my face broke out, my feet hurt, I got a zit on the most beautiful part of my body* , AND my arms look fat! Not to mention my hair wouldn't even work this morning. Every other girl, including your X got to look flipping gorgeous......I do want to talk to you tonight so I hope you'll want to stay up. I can hardly stand not seeing you so I definitely cannot stand not talking to you."

*(I used to believe that my the best part of my body was the declogae(spelling is atrocious) - the spot right below your neck where a necklace hangs- that is until God punished my vanity and I've since grown a mole)

Breaking up
(which for Tyler and I was a monthly occurance)...

"I know I should be telling you this in person...."

"I know I said I needed space but then I got space and realized I didn't want space..."

Love notes composed on a deeper level...

Did you talk to your Mom to see if tonight is okay for me to bring over your Christmas goodies? I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamed that I met Britney Spears and she was a fat Mexican. I was like "I knew she was really fat." How weird is that?

Part of me wants to burn them. Part of me loves them. So, we'll definitely be keeping the shoebox of memories. But, I can NEVER let my children find them...


Daron and Jamee said...

That. Is. AWESOME!!!!

Daron has a folder labeled LOVE in our filing cabinet. It includes lots of stuff while we were dating. Its fun to look at now and then, Im glad your keeping the notes.


Lacy said...

Oh my gosh, that feels like a lifetime ago. So happy for you both for making it through all those hard teenage years. So happy that you did though, you have perfect children and a marriage to aspire to..I know I have a box of high school love notes somewhere, but would be SCARED to find them!!!!!!! Miss you....

Oh, In Australia now, heading up to stay with Ashley Holt tomorrow, and going to start looking for a place. Shinae gets here in a week. Soooo excited!!!