Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Junkie Love

It was a rainy Saturday a couple weeks ago...and there's a nothing more wonderful on a rainy day than an 'antique-ing' outing (besides having an amazingly hot husband willing to keep the girls and let me have a few hours of blissful meandering by myself).

I found this treasure, a lovely sitting bench, at a new favorite thrift/antique spot: Junkies, for only $50!

I'm so in love with it. The blue tufted velvet makes me feel very plush and oh so Marie Antoinette (minus the guillotine...)


auntie mal said...

Bravo bravo bravo i like it! It makes me think of marie antionett(you try spelling that) too! Well i love just thinking about a rainy day because when. I think rainy day i think arlington gardens(our fav girl place) with all the rain tapping on the roof and little old ladies sipping their spiced tea! I just love it! Well luv ya!

jenniferoharra said...

WOW I love that! You have such great style-I'm really going to need you to help me with my house some day!

Daron and Jamee said...

Top three things I am in need of from you:
!. A girls trip to Junkies.
2. A girls trip to Platos Closet. (I have a coupon and it expires on 3/31/09)
3. A The Bachelor catch up.

Is everyone feeling better at your house?


Rae's Corner said...


And done.

I'm gonna call you...

Sarah Hansen said...

Ahhhh! That is so cute. You give me hope that I can still have a cute house someday when I am a poor newlywed BECAUSE you will be decorating it. The payment will be watching Lily and Lundy while you and your hot husband go meandering for ME. Fun... But seriously way way cute

Alexis said...

You are out of control - talented.
When I saw the picture I thought it was a magazine of a "wish idea" you wanted to try...then I realized: it is YOUR ROOM!
Good Job, and love the fact you are pinching pennies so well too.

Christopher said...

Wow! That Bed and bench look so nice! Your room looks so comfy and bright and spring-y ...