Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Miss London

There are days you are so cute, so fat, so darling, so delicious
I have no choice but to stop what I'm doing and do a photo shoot.
Even if the bed behind you isn't made.
Who cares.
Just look at you! Look at you!!!
I'm going to eat you.

Okay, okay, okay....we're done.


Jacob Hansen said...

Honestly Rachel they just get better and better. The pics the stories everything. Seriously thank you for setting up the model family life I want to have! =)

Sarah Hansen said...

Are you kidding me. I want to eat her. She is definitely getting bigger;( What cute pictures

Alexis said...

How did we ever endure the days of life without little Miss London? (or Lily for that matter!)
Edible is the best word to describe London:)

auntie mal said...

O my goodness i cant believe my girls and the last post with londi being the best big sis anyone could have (besides my big sis') i love them so much they are so big! I would have to reiderate wat gamm-ma said what did we do before lily and lundi came into the picture?! We had no lifes ezcept for the tv haha! Luv ya