Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine

Talk about a creative sort of Valentines Day. Instead of dinner reservations at a jammed and expensive restaurant, he suggested something different.

How about a day of skiing/snowboarding together?

Skiing? I haven't hit the slopes since I was fourteen. There were questions as to whether or not I was still "athletic enough" (questions posed by him, not me). Don't let the pink nail polish fool you, lover boy. After birthing two children, caring for three children under the age of three on a daily basis, keeping a decently clean home environment, cooking, reading, teaching 12 piano students, writing, managing, and juggling - we're talking about the ultimate in endurance, coordination, agility...
I am the definition of athletic.

So, we hit the slopes. For a romantic Valentine's Day in the snowy hills overlooking gorgeous Lake Tahoe.

I think he was impressed with my skills (just a little). I think I was impressed at how much I still want to impress him (just a little more). Even more impressive than that, was that he chose to forgo the best slopes to stay with me on the ones where I felt most comfortable (well, not really surprising I guess, he's always that sweet).

Skiing was followed by Lovefest 2009 and a wonderful nap back at home, without the kids. Haha. Are you blushing? I am.

Nap was followed by the yummiest Colorado omelet and buttermilk pancakes for dinner, all while wearing cozy sweats at a very private dinner at IHOP (cuz who goes to IHOP for dinner on Valentine's Day?).

And I must say, it was the most different and fun one yet.
I look forward to many many more...

*I don't know how to get the stupid date mark off of the pics...


Amy said... it! the opposite of the cliche holiday.

Joan said...

It is lovely and refreshing to see a man and woman genuinely in-love and happy.
LOVE the b&w pic...Tyler's scruff is sexy :)

Rae's Corner said...

Heck yeah it is....yummy.

Rae's Corner said...

What about my side face acne? Is that sexy too, Joan? huh? huh?

Curse weaning my baby, my hormones are outta wack now.

Daron and Jamee said...

Im so happy you got a wonderful V-day DAY.

IT must have been the Lovefest 2009 that made Tyler look so happy at church the next day.