Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Open Reply

From Sarah Anne:

(Cough...clear throat...ahem...English accent)

My Dearest Sister-

Oh what adventures this day has brought. Stourhead being the most delightful...the foggy weather, and exquisite landscape surrounding. Ah!!

Ok- so by far I have fallen in love with Stourhead the most since being here. I thought of you, and how you would probably be the funnest person to be there with. :) We are now on the coach headed to Winchester and Portchester. I thought you would appreciate this Jane Austen card and my very very extremely cool wax seal! I remember you being into that stuff when we would go to Name Droppers at Arlington Gardens and just loving it in general. Anyways, I miss you, and of course Tyler and the girls. Stay safe, happy, and healthy. I love you and can't wait to see you in April.




(Cough...clear throat...ahem...English accent)

My dearest Sister,

I received the amusing thrill of correspondence from you this eve and was equally delighted upon its conclusion to learn of your travels throughout the motherland. Indeed, your accounts of comfortable turn abouts in the region of Bath, along with kindly strolls through the daffodils of Hyde Park leave me full of nostalgic sentiment. You are too gracious to share your adventures so generously with your retiring older sister. Although, I must immediately confess, a slightly bewildering emotion has begun encasing my majority: it is quite reminiscent of, oh...the words escape me...oh yes: seethingly jealous abhorrence!
It is with regretful admittance that after our recent mobile conversation, at which point you informed me of your encounter with none other than the exquisite Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Covent Garden during the annual British social events, this intoxicating sentiment escalated into a passionate desire to remove your luscious blonde tresses by sheer force of my hands- I daresay... I shan't! I shan't!

While one can never be too cautious of false assurance, I pledge the most faithful endeavor to abstain from such trivial pursuits, and meekly request the continuance of our correspondence.

May you find the joys of England as monumental as is befitting of such a beautiful soul such as yourself.

With much love and affection,

Rachel Elizabeth


Alexis said...

What a delight for a parents to see all the tuition spent over the years has amounted to such a lovely command of the english language...
Yo dog - Peace out

Alexis said...

"what a delight FOR PARENTS"...
I hate it when I goof a witty retort!

Amy said...

ummm...did she really see Brad and Angie?? Must call and give details!!

Sarah Hansen said...

Rae..that was so nice!! So cute, so fun. I loved it...For your information I check your blog probably 4 times a day now. You have been great about new pictures, stories and updates I LOVE IT! Amy dear it is extremely true that I saw that beloved perfect lovely couple. ALong with many other HUGE CELEBRITIES!!!! AHHH you would have passed out I think.
p.s Rae didn't you really really love my letter and wax seal? SO cute