Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why I despise Facebook

I realize I just offended everyone on planet earth by saying this. Only every person on planet earth doesn't read this blog, phew. In fact, I'm going to estimate on the higher side and assume that I've just offended six people. So to you six, it's not that I judge you. For pity sake, I have a facebook too. Well, actually I don't. Tyler does, with one picture of our family posted only as evidence to any possible anonymous female browsers that he is taken. He likes it because he was able to check up on other college buddies and see how they're doing.

But I hate it.

And here is why:

The other day a so and so friend called me, ready to share the most juicy and shameful little detail of another so and so girl we knew in high school. It was awful to gossip, we knew it. But, we simply had to check out her so and so page, and examine. She looked good. Really good. We discussed that aside from the fact that she is insane we actually were semi envious of how good she looked. I wasted a good 7 minutes of my day viewing the friend of a friend friend's friend's stupid facebook page.

Point being: I'm still apparently stuck in high school. Because of Facebook.

How do you feel about facebook? Pros..cons? Am I wrong?


Dan and Ali said...

Please read my comment to your blog on my Facebook account.

Alexis said...

Hey Rae, check out my comment on my facebook account.

Daron and Jamee said...

It is what you make it.
Yeah, I guess you could check on old high school friends, and spend all day chatting with so and so's. But you don't have to.
I use it to keep in touch with My uncle who is serving in Iraq. I use it to keep in quick contact with Christi Marshall about YW stuff. Since I have a fast internet with the computer in the main living area, it works really well for things like that. I don't have the means for a lot of phone calls, so it's nice to keep in contact that way...
I block and/or ignore lots of people who try to be my "friend": ex-boyfriends, people I haven't talked to in years and would probably only say Hi to once and then not talk to for more years, people who I know are just wanting to "show" me they are good, but have no desire to stay in contact, people who just want to see if I look good or not...etc)
I don't sign up for the little group invites that come along...I'm just there for quick catch up with family and friends. It's nice especially when you don't live by any family.
It's the same with blogging. IF you are on all day and it runs your life, of course you will hate it.
It is what you make it.

Casady said...

I boycott facebook and myspace and all of that stuff. I agree and have always thought that it is a good way for people to stalk other people and there is a fine line between stalking and "catching up". It would be ok if it were being used to keep in contact with old friends but if sombody "pokes" you or requests to be your friend it would be hard to say no even if you didn't want to see or talk to them. So I will for now stick with not having one!


Daron and Jamee said...

PS. Daron just notified me that Facebook just changed their privacy policy and said that they now own everything you post on your facebook page. So, if you put pictures of your family, than they own them for any future use as they please.

Im not happy about that. I only have a few pictures for my families sake, but I should have just kept with my blog for that.

Daron and Jamee said...

I went to deactivate and their was this message on the deactivation page:
Are you deactivating because you are concerned about Facebook's Terms of Service?

This was a mistake that we have now corrected. You own the information you put on Facebook and you control what happens to it. We are sorry for the confusion. See for more information.

- The Facebook Team

I feel better, but still dont know what to do about it.

Alexis said...

O.k. what does "poke" mean? Sounds scary. All this internet language gets me in a tizzy.

jenniferoharra said...

I reluctantly joined facebook because Shaun wanted too and while I do agree with you, it hasn't been as bad as I thought. The thing that I like about it is seeing pictures of people and talking to SOME people from high school that I had lost touch with. There are definitely those that are annoying though and I think I know who you are talking about. But you can always join and then if you hate it you can deactivate your account.

Rae's Corner said...


Poke is code for "I'm a whore".

lol. Just kidding.

But it sounds like it.

Jacob Hansen said...

Well Rachel you are a tard. Dont be mad at facebook because you are a jealous b. Some people actually like to stay in touch with friends using facebook and see how others are doing. Others like you use it to gossip and hate others. Dont be a hater! lol

The Closet Dork said...

hahah this makes me laugh. And since now I know I can't add you as a Facebook friend, I guess I will have to formally introduce myself back to you.

My name is Jamie and yes, I am Laina's roommate in NYC. haha your blog is very cute and I love the stories you share about your daughters.

And don't get Facebook if you're not hooked to it already, it is a dangerous waste of time.

Amy said...

I am one of the few people who still refuses to join Facebook or MySpace because I have seen what it's done to the people I am close to. Precious hours wasted. It does not leave any time to watch "The Hills" and read

Lacy said...

Hey Rae..By the way, I update myself on your blog every couple weeks. My mom and I sit and read them and sometimes laugh...sometimes cry......

So I WOULD NOT join Facebook..I refused for the longest time. At the beginning of this last trip a friend set up an account for me and I now have to say it makes it really really easy to keep in touch with traveling friends. I keep in touch with all my Irish, Swedish, Australian friends etc. who don't have gmail.

Saying that....It is a little psycho stalker FOR SURE...And if all of my travel buddies were not on it, or would keep in contact with me via gmail, I would not be on it..So thats what I have to say. When the day comes that I stop traveling and become a mom...bye bye stupid Facebook!!!!

Kiss the family...Love and miss you Lacy

Rae's Corner said...

Ahhhh! Lacy!
Tell your Mom hi for me! I'm so glad whenever I hear from you...

And a traveling woman like yourself most certainly can justify Facebook for sure. In fact, I will be checking yours and Shinae's pages frequently when you're in Australia for pics! Are you friends with us? I'm gonna have to check ty's friends list. oh dear, here we go.

Tell the family hi (and kiss your darling nephew for me too!) !


Anonymous said...

I hate it too. It is a cancer on the internet and something that cheapens relationships and allows others to present themselves as someone who they are not. Superficial garbage that I will not use, and nor will my daughters.

Keith said...

I don't want to deactivate (which I did), I want to DELETE! Deactivate just means its hanging out there in limbo and still accessible. Ostensibly, its just so I can reactivate if I so choose, but we all know it means the owners of the site still have everything I ever posted and/or was posted to me.