Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perfect Day


The sun was shining.

We went walking. Had a picnic at the park. Fresh, cold egg salad, strawberries, chips, and iced Diet Dr. Pepper. Yumo.
We saw the ducks, strolled around the Marina, and enjoyed good conversation with Cas, 90% of which centered around our sadness of hearing the rumors of marital woes between Jon and Kate Plus 8.
Me n' my girls finished off the afternoon with a Dollar store binge on art and craft "keep Lily busy while I cook dinner" supplies, and a leisurely slushy slurp at Sonic.

It was a good day.

My rear cute.

Ps. Why do you, and I mean YOU, not comment ever? I know I have a fairly decent handful of people reading my blog from time to time - I've even had some random folks approach me with a kind word of interest. But, what I don't understand is why, even when I bring up topics of controversial nature, can I not get anyone to say anything? I peruse other favorite blogs to find hosts of good conversation, or even completely pointless banter. And I always seem to have something I'd like to chime in on (surprise, surprise). Am I too strong minded? Am I freaking you out? Is it boring to hear monotonous details of my life? If you don't like me, or agree with me, there is that lovely little anonymous comment option, so why not use it? I'm not angry with you, just curious.
I blog for my posterity, yes, but let's get real: I also do it because I'm hoping someone is reading it, and wanting to give a shout out back. My own little community. But I've gotta tell ya, I'm getting lonely. My kids won't care about my opinion on Nadya Suleman in 30 years as they peek into my past, so maybe I should stick to more simple family itineraries and thoughts on parenthood and keep it to my personal journal. But there's more to me than that, or so I'd like to think.
Sorry, thinking out loud, or thinking out blog I should say. To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Enough.

Hope you had a good day too.



Jonny & Whitney said...

haha I dont think I have ever left you a comment and I read your blog everytime you post something new. I work on computers so I get really bored. Anywho, I love your blog, sometimes like when you get something old and make it new for your house I have to show other people hey I know this girl look how amazingly talented she is. Or when your daughters do something that is absolutly hilarious I tell the story to my family I love the "hate" story it's one of my favorites and the Santa Claus one too. Ive known you for a long time since really I cant remember but I have never really known you, reading your blog makes me feel like we have this friendship even if it is just a one way friendship. So keep up the blogging, it's why I look on my blog to see who has recently updated theres.

jenniferoharra said...

Hey Rachel-I love your blog and check it daily along with Amy's to see new posts. I love reading about your funny stories and seeing pictures of your girls! Keep blogging! Thanks for entertaining us! I love it!!


I definitely LOVE your blog and am always looking for a new post, but feel that my comments would be boring and repetitive! But please keep posting, it's a great excitement in my day!

auntie mal said...

aw my girls! i love them sooo much!


I second that motion- NEVER STOP POSTING!

Sarah Hansen said...

Was that FREAKING out comment directed at me?

The Orchard Life said...

Oh Rae...

People (as you can see) love your blog. Maybe people don't write because witty/smart responses don't come as naturally to most others. : )

I know I sometimes sit in the "leave your comment" box trying to put together my jumbled thoughts only to exit the box because I get so frustrated at my inability to express my opinions articulately!

Your blog is fantastic and I love checking in on your life stories including Octo-mom!

Keep writing my friend so that those far from you can feel like they are near.


Alexandra Martinez said...

I read your blogs all the time and absolutely love them. I especially love your honesty and humor, which makes a good writer and the best blogging stories! Your girls are hilarious and so dang cute.

If there was such an award for best blogger, you be the winner...hands down!


Rae's Corner said...

Alexandra -

Don't you have a blog as well?
If you do, send me the address!

Alexandra Martinez said...



Alex :)

Jacob Hansen said...

Cutest pic ever I am so excited to see the girls next week