Friday, April 24, 2009


1. Take-out noodles from favorite Vietnamese joint.

2. Comfy pajamas.

3. Good conversation with chopsticks at the dinnertable:

Lily: "Daddy, shoo, how wos your luckee day?"
("Daddy, so, how was your lucky day?" - don't ask me why she adds "lucky"...what can a I say, the darling is a bubbly optimist.)

Ty: "It was good Lu."

Lily: "You don't got no monshters in your car too-day?" (You don't have any monsters in your car today?)

Ty: "Nope, no monsters today."

Lily: "Oooh, goood."

London: "Baaa baaa gishy gishy du daa daaa daaa."

4. Baths. Much needed baths.

5. Bedtime for the girls followed by cuddling and watching new favorite TV series on DVD (that we're obsessed with) while eating oreos together.

Life doesn't get better than this. I'm sure of it.

Happy weekend. Goodnight.


Joan said...

Oh, MY! That picture says it all...and melts my heart in the process. SUCH darlings!

auntie mal said...

Thank you those are my girlies! I LOVE YOU!!!