Friday, May 29, 2009

Case for the apes.

I salute the Round Table Pizza dancers on street corners. You know who I'm talking about - these less fortunate souls, left to hold what appears to be a 20 lb. sign in the blazing sun, advertising some upcoming clearance sale or $5.99 buffet.

Seriously, rock on. Fearless and undiminished by the glares of passerby(s) during the noon hour, they dance and shake what their Mama gave em. Completely capable of forgetting that nobody else is hearing the music blaring through their Ipod Nano (the same way I forget while singing to Beyonce's All the Single Ladies).

I sat at the intersection today, stopped at a red light for a considerable amount of time. The awkwardness of my situation was palpable. I was the first car in line halted, and there was the shaking Round Table girl, within a 17 inch proximity. Do I watch and smile? Pretend like I can't see her? Roll down the windows and wave? Dance with her?
I mean, the poor thing is practically having a seizure. I just can't ignore it.

As I uncomfortably conducted a false search for an earring in my glove compartment and then counted and recounted the change in my ashtray in an effort to avoid staring at Ms. Dance-a-tron, I got to thinking: what is it with dancing anyway?

I absolutely love it (I have some pretty slick moves, as Tyler will attest - right dear? Remember your most requested move: the Make it, Shake it, Bend and Spank it? No?).... but, if you step back to see it from a deaf person's perspective, it's all a little outlandish. A bunch of people moving their bodies around in large rooms after wedding ceremonies and parties. Not much conversation, just movement.
What is it about sound that causes us to move our bodies in various motions? Have you ever thought about how weird an entire room of dancing people would seem if you silenced the music while they continued dancing? And nightclubs...let's talk about those....places where humans go to rub their bodies against each others to sound.
It's all very funny.

Monkey's lick each other's armpits and sniff each other's butts.

We have seizures to eight counts.

We're not so different, now are we?


Amy said...

"We have seizures to eight counts." Great line.

This just happened to me this morning (although it was a guy and "going out of business clearance" sign) and I did the same bend down and search for something routine!! This is also an effective yet guilt-inducing method of defense against homeless people who come right up to your window looking at you with sad pleading eyes.

Daniel said...

How would you explain line dancing?

Rae's Corner said...

Organized apes.

Rae's Corner said...

Or OCD. Take your pick.

Ciara said...

Be happy you know what an eight count is!