Monday, May 4, 2009

Food for the Brain

Here is a little video I loved. Spend fifteen minutes and you'll be very enlightened as to one of the most defining and controversial decisions in American deals with arguments I'm sure you'll hear or have already heard somewhere along the way during any political/historical discussion, lecture, class, etc.

Click here.

Comments anyone?


Amy said...

Rae --
So I watched this video with an attorney at my work who is Japanese-American, was raised in Hawaii and who is a Democrat. I was interested to see what he would think because I'd never talked to him about this subject. He said that Bill Whittle(?) was spot on with all his research and he agreed. He said when he was a kid he thought this decision was racist but since then he knows that decision had to be made, for all of the reasons that commentator said. I love watching Jon Stewart and I think it's a good break from the news pundits to hear news discussed with humor. However I don't think he should throw out the word "criminal" so easily. The attorney said while the other guy had real facts and history backing up his argument Jon Stewart is dealing in revisionist history. It's easy to say what should have happened 60 years later.
Thanks for posting that. I love looking at new sites and thinking about things again and in new ways.

Rae's Corner said...

Wowser Amo - I love that you watched in with your friend, and I've always wondered what a Japanese (or Japanese American) person thinks of the whole thing. Very cool.

And I LOVE Jon Stewart too, even though he's a classic liberal. He is way funny. I actually tivo and watch his show everyday because it is so refreshing to just laugh about the ridiculous things occurring in the world. But it is dangerous when he puts out insane and blanket statements like that to an audience that most likely won't do the research to verify.

Thanks for your thoughts...I was wondering what you especially would think of it.



Joan said...

Commentaries like that make me proud to be an American--although I'm afraid that most people don't know what that means anymore.
Thanks for sharing this, Rae. My brain is often hungrier than I realize. And when I feed it then it just seems to want more :)

Joan said...

Ps: Dr. Laura went a little heavy on the bleached teeth and hair look. Wow, spray tan. I wonder if I will try that hard at her age to look like I'm still a twenty something year old barbie.