Friday, May 8, 2009


London has started doing her animal sounds. Just when you thought she couldn't get any cuter...

I aM So In LoVe WiTh tHiS cHiLd.

Lily keeps popping up with the funniest phrases. Among them this week were:

"Dad, you jus know da wules..."
("Dad, you just know the rules..." then she proceeds to explain to him how things are supposed to work around here)

"A corse I do." (Of course I do.)

"Um, Um, just las nite when I wus jus a babee and a kid and a wittel boyee, I fawed down."
("Um, um, just last night when I was just a baby and a kid and a little boy, I falled down." This is how she prefaces any story about the is always last night, and any mixture of sex and age she comes up with.)

I Am So iN lOvE wItH tHiS cHiLd, tOo.

We jammed at Sesame Street Live this week. And let me tell you, there is nothing more entertaining for parents than costumed characters dancing on stage for an entire hour and a half.

RoCk oN, SeSaMe StReEt.

I got an IPOD shuffle from Tyler and the girls early for Mother's Day! I was so excited I began the much needed training for the mini-triathalon I'm determined to complete this summer. The bad news is I practically died of heart failure while attempting to jog the first half mile. But the good news is that my butt cheeks now slap the back of my thighs, spanking me into shape.

Who NeEds a TrAiNeR?

Happy weekend!


Dan said...

"My butt cheeks now slap the back of my thighs, spanking me into shape."

This just might be the funniest thing you've ever said/written/thought.


Sarah Hansen said...

I have to agree, I laughed out loud for awhile on that one.

Amy said...

I join in the agreement. The line of a future best-selling author, that's for sure.
And P.S. I love when you write "Lily and London" talk and then translate.

Joan said...

Look at you Mrs. Mini-Triathlon! Sheesh, I'm impressed!
Happy Mother's Day to one of the funniest moms on earth! Sincerely.

Jacob Hansen said...

Rachel with your daughters your husband and your life i can only say one thing.....u win! Hawaii is great but lily lundy and ty are better!

Amy said...

I love London's piggy tails... so precious. And Lily's Suzanne Somer's hair-do. She wears it so well. Hope everything is great!