Friday, May 15, 2009

To do list

1. Map out plan to teach Lily all of her ABC's
(oh yeah, this kid's gonna be a genius. At the Haack household, we reach for the stars if ya know whadda mean):

2. Begin with one specific letter each week
(example - it's letter "A" week!):

3. Identify, locate, and get very excited over finding that letter anywhere
(in books, at the grocery store, street signs, etc. etc.):

4. Begin tracing, drawing, painting that letter for fun daily. When Lily masters drawing the letter A on her own, begin screaming, calling everyone you know, and plastering her A papers all over the house:
Check. Check.

5. Congratulate myself on astoundingly productive motherhood equipped with visualizations of her future kindergarten teacher's praise....

"My goodness, I am so impressed Lily can write the entire alphabet, we recommend students at this advanced of a level just go ahead and begin in the third grade. What a prodigy Mrs. Haack, you should be so proud."

"Oh, it's nothing really. She just started writing cursive practically out of the womb, I didn't have much to do with it. In fact, her favorite thing to do as a baby was to line up all of her goldfish crackers and practice long division. To be so blessed, I'm humbled really.

Check. Check. Check.

6. Choke down a solid, massive piece of that humble pie as you realize your child can mastermind and manipulate your scholastic efforts to get away with her favorite pastime....coloring all over herself and our new sofa:


She couldn't be punished...they are beautiful A's, aren't they?
Talk about a genius.


Whitney said...

BAW HAHAHAHAHA Holy Crap that is so FUNNY!!! I love your blog!

Joan said...

Me and B are having one hearty laugh (at your expense). Hopefully it's washable marker?!
Ps: you did respond to my book via worries. Thank you.

sarah Hansen said...

I am so proud of you Lily.

Amy said...

They are beautiful, indeed. I hope hot pink goes with your design scheme.

auntie mal said...


auntie mal said...


Mel said...

You always leave me in stitches. I also share with Judi at the office. She thinks you need to publish your stuff.