Friday, June 5, 2009

A few good finds

Inspired as of late, my world has been made prettier by the following:

1. Chair: $50 deal found at Goodwill. Oh the lovely ideas I have springing from this chair! Bold colors in vintage florals...praise be! (Plus anytime you use the word vintage you automatically get to give yourself three "cool" points. Poor people are instantly made posh with the addition of that simple little V word).

Hate hate hate my camera. Doesn't do it justice. Never does!

2. Throw pillows for couch to follow in this print:

3. Lemon print from artist Ella McDoniels...who also designed my lovely blog headers as of late. Thank you thank you thank you. Don't ya just love the new look?!! Sadly no, I didn't get the print with the frame...but more details to come on my own display later.

Visit soon...there will be a lot of mixin' it up in the Haack home with pics to prove it.

Happy weekend.
Baby brother Ian is graduating. Can't believe it. Sigh.


Daron and Jamee said...

AWESOME! I love the wingback chair. Every home need one in my opinion.

Wait, did you already recover it or did you buy it that way?Anyway,I like it just the way it is!

I want Ellas bowl piece.


Amy said...

Love the chair! Looks so... inviting! Happy re-decorating!

jenniferoharra said...

I love how you find the greatest stuff and make it your own. Someday I'm going to beg you to come decorate my house! You should really make a business out of your interior design skills!

auntie mal said...

I love the pictures!!!!