Thursday, June 18, 2009

Right now.

London Rae.

*Sleeps in diapers. I love a baby in the summer in just their diaper. Eat em up.

*Takes diapers off after pooping and throws them around in crib, saying "booo booo, booo booo".

*Sports one crazy golden mullet

*Rips out any hair pieces Mommy tries to put in in order to address the mullet situation

*Has become somewhat bossy (in gibberish no less)

*Loves her "beee beee" (blankee)

* And "DAaa daaa" (Daddy)

*Has approx 6 top teeth and only two bottom. So cute.

*Loves to hug and kiss her Mama.

Lily Tyler.

*Changes approximately 8 times a day (and only wears London's clothes...aka high-water spandex)

*Loves her long "Hawhe" (hair)

*Insists on keeping long hair down. No pony tails. Just one clippy centered right above her forehead.

*Called her mother "so tarded" the other day at the grocery store when she was told no to purchasing an entire box of powdered donuts
"Mom, you awe so tarded." (Mom, you are so retarded). Oh yeah, she also added, "Dis is sooo idiculus." (This is so ridiculous).
I claim responsibility for the ridiculous portion...but the enormously politically incorrect 'retarded' label was learned from 10 and 13 year old aunties, or so I suspect.

*Didn't receive donuts or promised gumball after calling her mother tarded.

*Frequently, completely out of the blue, will call out "Mom, I love you." throughout the day. Melt my heart.

*Defends her sister vehemently when London is scolded for throwing her food off of her highchair. "Mom, she's jus a babeee, she jus sinks its a game!" (Mom, she's just a baby, she just thinks it's a game! - this is normally the case I plead to Lily when London is ruining one of her coloring activities, etc.)

*Loves to cuddle in the mornings when she wakes up (Mom's favorite part of the day).

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Amy said...

It's okay London... I'm not a fan of poop either.