Monday, June 8, 2009

Take note.

If you frequently enjoy blog hopping through my blog to other blogs listed on the blog stalk, take note to become a follower on your own or write down the address. I have decided to eliminate the "Blog stalk" list on my sidebar for a myriad of reasons, the three most important being:

1. I visit many more blogs than just these, and I don't wish anyone who stops by to feel offended that they aren't on the blog stalk list. Trust me, I stop by and visit many, and I am a usually a comment-leaver to prove it.

2. I hate clutter. If I actually listed the endless amounts of blogs I've been known to peruse, the OCD in me will take over, I'll suffocate, and possibly die. Now nobody wants that to happen, I assume (hopefully).

3. I only allow 3-5 blog visits to others a day. Then the computer is usually turned off and it's time to enjoy reality again. This can get very addicting, so please excuse me for deleting the blog stalk, if I see the list staring at me I feel too tempted to click and visit, and before I know it 3 hours have passed and my three year-old is feeding the one year-old rotten bananas pulled from the garbage. Please accept my apologies if your address has not been listed...I love your blog, believe you me.

I am making one exception: dearest Nie. She stays.
80% because she is truly one of my favorite people I've never met.
20% because her button goes well with my blog.




Daron and Jamee said...

Yes, my dear friend Nie. Did you see her eyes today. I love her.

I became a "follower" of all the blogs I look at, than when ever I log in to my blog it shows me who updated (on my dashboard) that way, I only end up looking at a few a week instead of checking everyones daily...just in case.

Anywho, I can show you how to do that if you want.

I love your blog. Janet and I read some after book club. We think you should be a writer for a magazine or something. Seriously.


Joan said...

So bizarre. I was just thinking how annoying/cluttery my blog list is and how I want to get rid of it. But today I'm feeling lazy/fat/ugly/hungry. Hmmm, sounds like the big "P" is brewing!

Joan said...

I didn't win the dress...but I entered into the drawing. Just click on the link on my blog post and read the directions on their website:)
Let the best woman win! haha.

Amy said...

Rae I love your new blog design! It's adorable. :)