Monday, July 6, 2009

A Bombardment of pictures.

* I'll give you a second for your computer to upload the plethora of photos. Apologies dear reader, I am too computer illiterate to consolidate the pics into an efficient collage, and this is first and foremost a family record, so no pictures can be spared. Trust me, nobody loves an itinerary post more than myself when blog surfing. Buckle your seatbelt, this is our holiday weekend.

We had a smashingly fun weekend for the 4th of July festivities.

*Friday - took the girls for a bike ride along the river with best friends Cas and Max. Followed by delicious all American dinner of burgers, fries, and shakes at Scoopers. It's so funny how it goes with good friends, no matter how much time you spend together, there is always something to talk about. Tyler and Max excitedly exchange ideas about gardening composts, sports, and "Man Club" (more on that later). Cas and I usually cover childbirth (still trying to coax her into giving it a whirl - booo haaa haaa), clothing, family dramas, and counseling on my overall inability to control my children.

(So sad this pic is fuzzy, it so perfectly captures Lily's zest for life. It doesn't matter that it was her 1,298th time on a swing, it is still magical. Lu, you are too much fun.)

* Saturday
- First order business for Independence Day was to abandon my usual hesitations towards looking like a holiday smorgasbord of hideous, and dress the entire family in a variety of Red, White, and Blue. Yes, you heard it right, a matching little family. Aaawwwww. Dresses for the girls, navy and white for myself, and Tyler was in a lovely patriotic plaid. I'm just that proud to be an American.

Went to the 'Sparks has got Talent' competition. To which I can't help but respond, "No, we don't". Kidding. Besides, a local talent show in the community sounded like a wonderfully patriotic thing to do (i.e. we had a friend in the competition - she did great).
The performers were very interesting, and we were entertained by some very lovely songs ranging from Country to Cabaret, along with a lovely interpretive "exotic bird" dance from a very limber teenage girl. (However I still can't get over the fact that whenever I'm in large crowds of people from the Reno/Sparks area, I can no longer bury my head in the sand and pretend that we aren't a white trash looking group. Seriously. Women adorning minuscule triangle bikini tops with approx. 13 pounds of stomach hanging over their wedgie shorts pushing dirty strollers full of children, toothless men with three cigarettes in their mouths, the list goes on. Oh well, what kind of a crowd do you really expect to draw in the legalized prostitution State whose revenues are largely drawn from gambling? Happy 4th of July, Nevada...I still love you.)

Later enjoyed a fun backyard BBQ with family and friends

Followed by heading up to my parents' house to watch the fireworks in the distance and make Smores. I always forget how much I love Smores. Gooey, melted mallow on chocolate smashed between a graham = perfection.
We listened to Patriotic songs during the firework display unless 'Pop' Ira protested:
"Now why the hell are they playing that song on the radio?! That's not patriotic!"
"Yes it is, Dad. It's American Woman."
"Yeah, sung by a British group that are telling her to stay away with her war machines, calling her a ghetto queen!"

I'm still torn on that one. The night wrapped up with a beautiful full moon and a warm temperature, during which Ty and I laid outside in our backyard and enjoyed the night sky and each other's company.

*Sunday - off to church. Very enjoyable and uplifting, minus the part where I got up to speak in testimony meeting and wanted to shoot myself afterwards. Seriously, don't ever let me get up again. I rarely get up, but everytime....EVERY TIME....I get down and can't stand how stupid I sounded. Rambling, emotional, MESS.

Overall - a perfectly wonderful holiday weekend. Why do they always have to go by so fast?


Amy said...

awww...I like seeing a pic of the whole Haack fam. I feel like that's a rarity on the blog. Looks like the perfect weekend. (Minus the white trashness that is our still-beloved state.)

Jacob Hansen said...

haha. See I used to be embarrassed of white trash america but the more I see of America I realized that its the white trash blue collared people who fought the wars, who farmed the fields, who worked in the factories and mines and who made the USA. GOD BLESS THE WHITETRASH!!! Oh and I miss the GIRLS SO FREAKING MUCH!!!! TELL THEM I LOVE EM

auntie mal said...

I want more of these "bombardments" i love them!!!

Amy said...

I really liked the whole fam picture too! Especially since London looked like she was waiting for the ideal moment to rip your cute blue & white head band off.

plus, I love lots of pictures... you may have noticed. =)

Casady said...

Ahhhh... We had so much fun on the bike ride. We love you guys and the girlies and are so happy to have friends like you.
I know what you are saying about the crowds that reno/sparks brings together. I went to a festival a couple weeks ago to watch my aunt perform. I love to watch her but hate those festivals!!! The people there are scary and I swear every time I go I want to move FAR AWAY! But then get to go back to my nice little life in spanish springs and forget that form of life exists. Thank God for that!!