Monday, July 20, 2009


The Living Room in Progress:

Antique dresser

(Garage sale)

Old Mirror
(Garage sale)

Smattering of vases

Why Lily, darling, you coordinate with the display!! That's my girl. (It really wasn't intentional, I'm not that crazy).

I had lost inspiration for a while. I can be extremely picky when it comes to the atmosphere I'm trying to create. So weird. I think there is an undiagnosed condition going on inside my little designing mind. Tyler doesn't understand it. When I spend 45 minutes lying in bed at night trying to explain to him my anxiety over whether or not to align our pictures symmetrically, he finds it laughable (or snooze-able, cuz if he doesn't laugh he is sound asleep and I'm talking to the wall). But not I. This is no laughing matter. If God created a world as beautiful as ours, he obviously cared about how things looked. So should I.
Here are my decorating traits (who the heck has decorating traits anyways?)...or should I say....this is my style (so far):

* I tend towards blues, greens, whites, and yellows. Yellows are happy, greens are fresh, whites are clean, and blues bring calm, in addition to cooling down that sweaty feeling I've been known to get from yellows. Calm, happy, fresh, clean. Perfect. Ahhhhh.

*I always hate what I've previously decorated. Which leads me to...

*My biggest fear with home decor : Looking back and having the same reaction to photos of our living situation that I have over the clothing I was wearing in the pics: What was I thinking? How hideous.
So regardless of how much I adore the current trends (like the darling bird paraphernalia and canary yellows splashing through the decorating world), I can't help but draw parallels and wonder:
Are birds and yellow/oranges to this decade what hunter green and apples were to the '90's, or ducks and powder blue to the 80's?
If there is anything that makes me panic, it's the awareness that decorating adventures on my blog may result in the same embarrassment my circa 1994 bangs bring.

*I avoid purchasing anything, even though I love everything, due to this odd time/trend paralysis and as a result have an extremely boring and neutral living room.

Until today,
I do love what I did today.
And I'm getting ready to launch another blog that has been in the deco-thoughts for some time.

Junkie Love

I think you might like it.

I still love you, chair.


Joan said...

It takes some serious genius to decorate a fashionable/functional home on a budget. You make it look like a piece of pie...coconut cream pie if you want the particulars :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dresser. I want it for me. :)

Alexis said...

You are forever scarred by your childhood. How could we ever forget my abundance of ducks and blue and white decor? Or the mauve and blue era...only to be replaced with hunter green and beige with a smattering of cranberry.
Decorating is much like the time you think you are so hip and then time passes and you come across old photos and die of utter embarassment. (yep, the worse was the country western hairdo phase big bangs on top long hair down the back...ugh)
Your humble MOM