Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Getaway

Tyler had a business conference to attend for a couple days, out of town. He suggested I come along to make a little business trip out of it ourselves. What a grand idea! Gamma and Pop kindly volunteered babysitting services and off we went.

Days 1 & 2: All-Rachel Days. Smokin' Tyler nights.

While Tyler was busy at the conference, I did my supportive wifely duties and busied myself at the pool. And the mall.

Oh the thankless labor of a business assistant!

First stop was at my old stomping grounds, Benefit Cosmetics for a brow wax, and my favorite tried and true dark circle remedy: EyeBright.

I splurged on BadGal Lash Plum mascara too. Post application assessment: Overrated. Don't bother. Stick with Black. Always black. And don't even bother with BadGal Lash in black either. Benefit, I love ya and you know it, but you haven't mastered mascara.

Next stop was to spend a deliciously long time lounging by the empty pool with a good book and a stack of magazines. I painted my nails while enjoying the sights and smells of the fresh hydrangeas outside the pool fence. Color of choice: Absolute favorite Essie Exposure:
The most perfect summer Bubblegum pink. Just makes you feel like a girl.

When Tyler was out of the conference we enjoyed leisurely dinners at California Pizza kitchen (yumo) and a rumored local hot spot TexWasabi (founded by that blond food network guy). Went to the movie "The Proposal" (feel good, happy movie, my favorite...enough of this Revolutionary Road BULLCRAP.)

We talked about our kids (who we missed) and ourselves and all the nice things surrounding a little break without any stress-inducing commentary. We even walked slowly. I never walk slowly. Lovely, lovely days.

Day three: Tahoe Flume Trail.

We decided to cruise on up to Tahoe and give my new bike riding kicks a run for their money. Since I normally protest any forms of movement when it comes to vacationing, this was a break with Rae tradition.

But it wasn't without its adjustments. After somewhat continuous and possibly annoying reprimands from me to Tyler while riding UPhill....

"How could you be such a jerk? said this wouldn't be too hard...this was supposed to be a break...I am dying of heart butt hurts...I don't care how beautiful nature is....I hate nature....I'm not going to continue riding...I hate this....I'm turning've ruined me....."

(Note: it was steeper than it looks in the picture, swear.)

I'm not invited back with him. But, I did so well on the rest of the ride I think I redeemed myself after the tantrums. We had a peaceful lunch on our own private, crystal clear lake.

Sweaty back....rarrrrrr.

Followed by views of Tahoe (shhhh, don't tell Tyler...but this part made the whole uphill part worth it...seriously the most amazing views ever).

(And for those of you -my brothers- who think I am some kind of a big wimp please keep in mind that this trail is approximately 17 miles long and I rode up this entire mountain to enjoy these views. So take that.)

Once we were to the bottom, we slipped into our swimsuits and later enjoyed ice-cream sundaes.

Then kissed our mini-getaway goodbye.

And our mini-hoodlums hello. Who, as you can see, were well fed. And cared for (unibrows graciously drawn in by auntie Sarah. hilarious.)Truth be told, they were freshly bathed and ready for bed when we picked them up.
Thanks Mom.

Wow, we needed this break...and swore we won't go more than six months again without another. Nonna and Pop, consider this your warning!

The End.

Tyler Haack: I love you.


Amy said...

So sweet...

especially the unibrows.

Joan said...

LUCKIES!!! I am SO jealous. There are few things sweeter than a getaway with the hubby. You look super sexy in your pink valour (sp) thingy.
Well done on the bike ride too. 17 miles is not for sissies.

Jonny & Whitney said...

I just recently (as of last wednesday) been riding a bike to work and back home and let me tell you it is tough! (I think it's maybe 2 1/2 miles) hahaha My but is not used to it yet! I love your blog!

Amy said...

Okay does the EyeBright for dark circles really work? A........friend.........needs to know.

Love Tahoe! And by the way did someone take that pic of you guys making out or was it on a big rock or something??

Rae's Corner said...

YES! Apply around eyes and blend with a concealer that matches your skin tone. Gloriously brightening results.

And YES! We awkwardly took a picture with some random stranger holding the camera. As you can see, Tyler was completely protesting the kissing idea, which is evident from his forward facing body - he only briefly gave in after I shoved my puckered lips in his face long enough.

Anonymous said...

Yay for pink nails and toes!!
Sarah introduced me to ElePhantastic last year which is also a great one. :)

Daron and Jamee said...

Im so happy for you guys! Really, what a great couple.

I wish I could have talked to you more on Sunday.

Maybe a girls night sometime...

Sarah Hansen said...

Nothing I love more than benefit, pink nails, and unibrows. Gotta love it.