Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Tent

They are sleeping in it right now. Outside, in the backyard. Lily has been begging to sleep in "a tint in da bakyawd" for sometime now. So Tyler, being the Daddy that he is, arranged to borrow a tent (we don't own camping gear - this may come as a shock-a-roo, but Rae Rae doesn't exactly like to camp. It's right up there on my list of things I'd rather not do, nestled between removing ingrown toenails and cross-stitching).

Oh boy, what fun she is having. We headed out just before bedtime to hang out in it together during the comfortably cool dusk hour (London and I later would opt for more comfortable accommodations, we can never get her to actually sleep out of her crib).
London plopped happily around inside the tent in her squishy diaper, Lily twirled like the giddy girly child she is while squealing at the possibility of "monshters" invading our fort, and Tyler fell more deeply in love while I serenaded us after Lily's specific request for a "Tent shong" (tent song - Lily requests impromptu music festivals at any such exciting occasions, to which I promptly oblige in an effort to showcase my creative lyrical capabilities):

We're all in a tent
We're all in a teeent
It's outside, in the backyard
We're all in a teeeent

There's Lily and London and Mommy and Daddddddy
We're all in a teeent
In the backyaaaaaard

I'm going to be so sad the day this is no longer fun to her, because it sure is for me.


Amy said...

even when it's no longer fun, someday she'll think back and remember how magical it was... to sleep in a tent... in the backyard. I only know this because my friend's mom use to pop a tent (nothing as fancy as the one you borrowed) in the backyard during those hot summer nights. I actually haven't thought about it until your blog... so thank you for reminding me of those long summer nights we spent "chatting" in our two person tent.

tell everyone 'hello!'

Amy said...

p.s. I just saw your comment about the camera... we have a pretty good one. It worked better before it went to Iraq... twice. It's a Kodak EasyShare DX6490. It's a good size and not too heavy. I'm hoping to upgrade soon to a Canon but I have to do research. I don't know the price point because Chad bought it quite a few years ago but you can see it still takes quality pictures. Hope this helps!

Oh and I edit some of those photos to get more brilliant color which helps as well.

Ciara said...

This makes me smile!!!! OH I hope she asks you to sing Friday night... I'd love to hear a song! :) ha ha! So excited.

Daron and Jamee said...

we just got back from camping.

kids love it.
It's a lot of work for the parents though.


Alexis said...

Glad to see the tradition keeps going...
Oh, the fun summer nights at the farm with the old "teepee" tent Dad would gladly put up for the kids after a long hard day at work! How lucky we are to have such wonderful fathers for our children....