Saturday, July 4, 2009


If I stop and think about it.

I could have been born starving in North Korea.

I could have been born in China, where my baby London would not have been permitted to live.

I could have been born in Cameroon, Africa, where hunger and corruption and the human rights of woman and children are regularly violated without repercussions.

I could have been born in Iran, where we see the right to voice concern and protest can be crushed by evil governments.

I could have been born in Mexico, where opportunity is limited and the streets cluttered with garbage and poverty.

But I wasn't. And when I think about that,

I can't help but feel humbled.

And proud.

Proud to be protected. Proud to be free. Proud to be allowed to worship what I choose to worship. Proud to exercise my God-given rights to have the children I was born to have.
To vote.
To speak.
To work.
To Give.

Humbled by those who keep us safe. Humbled by the price others paid for me, little old me...and my beautiful and blessed and alive under a banner of success and abundance and freedom we will never fully recognize because we've never known otherwise.

Humbled by the daunting task of not failing to:

Express gratitude.
Stand up.
Speak out.

This is America.

Yes - I am proud (and humbled) to have the great honor of calling myself an American.

Happy 4th of July.


Daniel said...

America... "F" yeah! Come to save the mother-f-ing day yeah!

Sarah Hansen said...

I'm so proud I sing "I'm proud to be an AMERICAN" in debate tournaments. Yeah baby.

Joan said...

In fact, I was laying in bed today singing that very song at the top of my lungs, Sarah :)
BUT did I post about our great land of the free today? NO. I posted about a craft. Pathetic. I'm embarrassed for myself.

Daron and Jamee said...

I sang too.

Great post Rae.

Jacob Hansen said...

Dan's comment wins haha. So last night I was around a campfire with like twenty other friends and we all said the pledge and sang the national anthem while holding hands, even while realizing north korea might blow us up at any moment...maybe there is hope for the future! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah God Bless America and F*#k North Korea!
Here Here...

Alexis said...

Rae what a beautiful post about this great country - only to have it marred by Daniel and Anonymous (I know who you are #5). Are the F comments some sort of spoof on Rap, or are they just ridiculous attempts to be clever? I don't get it. You were raised knowing better but obviously choose poorly.
Yea, Yea, I know, you are grown ups now - but get used to this news flash... I will never quit trying to help my kids refine themselves, even if it means doing so across the blogosphere:(
MOM (in a mood, and rightfully so!)